Recent Submissions

  • All-terrain Robotic Excavation System (A.R.E.S.) 

    Mohammed, L.; Albanese, Domenick; Canseco, Pablo; Green, Khalphani; Kothari, Zoher; Lower, Spencer R; McHargh, Adrian; Netzley, Jacob; Thames, Mark; Voris, Nate
    A.R.E.S. is a multidisciplinary team that is designing and building a robot to compete in the 2016 NASA Robotic Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
  • Sharkbait: unmanned underwater-air hybrid vehicle 

    Steinert, Morgan; Casteren, Sal Van; Watson, Jake; Bueno, Nick; Eldridge, Alexa; Diotte, Michael; Klein, Patrick; Costello, Zach; Harmeling, Kyler; Izzi, Cameron; Conrad, Asim
    To design, build, and test a hybrid unmanned vehicle. The vehicle shall perform as an aerial vehicle, underwater vehicle, and transition between these modes without external intervention.
  • Air-Ball: the free-flying satellite simulator 

    Byrnes, James; Wang, Jerry; Czap, Andrew; Rivera, Gonzalo; Clark, Casey; McKinnon, William; Savino, Frank
    The project objective is to design, build,and fly a multi-rotor craft that achieves full six degrees of freedom to facilitate research, as well as improve techniques for satellite attitude dynamic and kinematic control.
  • HYDRA (HYpersonic Dynamics Rocket Assembly) 

    Disher, Kathryn; Germann, Nicholas; Kennedy, Christopher; Gavagn, Rhonwen; Oguche, Theophilus; Gotsch, Christian; Rohde, Michael; Attzs, Monty; Perrelli, Frank
    HYDRA is a proof-of-concept vehicle designed to demonstrate the capabilities of a hypersonics testbed. The goal of HYDRA is to validate and verify the use of dynamic pressure analysis as a viable method of cost efficient ...
  • NASA JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 

    Fisher, Joseph; Jones, Carlos Gross; Schultz, Daniel; Gambardella, Tom; Dillon, John
    The JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 (JSB2) team was tasked by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab to design and construct a universal automated breakout box to be used for testing any electrical system at JPL.
  • Outreach Team A - Building Blocks 

    Barnett, Stephen; Fuglas, Jonas; Graff, Michael; Knott, Michael; Violo, Julio Cesar
    After the occurrence of natural disasters in developing countries, there is a large need for shelter. The primary form of shelter that is distributed during the early and medium recovery phase is tenting. People must live ...
  • Melbourne Airport smart energy analysis 

    Johnson, Tyler; Rubenfeld, Zachary; Dirkes, James; Brooks, Claude; Sinha, Rahul; Maloney, Philip; Clark, Clark
    In the last decade there has been a massive push for making airport facilities more sustainable and energy efficient. These measures serve as an investment to cut carbon foot prints as well as wasted energy, which is ...
  • APART 

    Berry, Charles; Malagon, Arturo; Sanchez, Jose; Pestana, Jeancarlo; Singh, Omesh; Faal, Jainaba; Hollahan, Thomas
    APART (Aerial Platform for Aircraft Refueling and Transport) is a proof of concept for the docking and recharging of two UASs (Unmanned Aerial systems) •UAS’s are one of the fastest growing fields in engineering, but never ...
  • Autonomous Luggage Transportation System (ALTS) 

    Eierle, Alexander; Hagans, Jeffrey; Jones, Bradley; Kepinski, Paul; Kuang, Haoyan; Le, Max; Mohamed, Mo; Voigtlander, Eric
    The objective is the design and development of a Renewable/Sustainable Unmanned Baggage Buggy System for use within the Melbourne Airport. This buggy system will be capable of supporting baggage acquisition, travel, and ...
  • Formula SAE 

    Villacreces, Sebastian; Phillips, Savannah; Marsh, Curtis; Gunderson, Arielle; Morrison, Chris; Alblooki, Yousif; Alghamdi, Abdulrhman; Almazyad, Abdulrahman
    The FP-16 features a push rod suspension assembly with unequal length a-arms. The suspension assembly includes carbon fiber suspension a-arms and push rods, an anti-roll bar, and custom uprights engineered for optimizing ...
  • Humanitarian Outreach B 

    Gabriel, Karl; Bayasgalan, Amar; Betharte, Owen; Bridenbaugh, Garrett; Rodriguez, Carlos
    The issue of people without footwear in developing countries is a significant issue in today’s society, and it affects over 300 million people. One in seven people suffer from soil transmitted parasites. This system will ...
  • Search and Rescue Robot 

    Lermen, Zackary; Bettinger, Eric; Drinks, Dale; Carter, C.; Culp, Tyler; Martinez, Devin; Stafford, Milton
    The FIT/CSRR is a mobile search and rescue vehicle, capable of being wirelessly controlled by human operators, located on the perimeter of a debris field that has been created as the result of some natural or manmade ...
  • 2016 Baja Car 

    Al Jaberi, Khalid; Al Katheeri, Mohamed; Al Saleh, Bader; Alblooshi, Saeed; Bonilla, Martin; Salvador, David Cabrera; Faden, Sari; Heeke, Elizabeth; Mo, Jiaqi; Pounder, Andre-Louis; Wang, Bo
    The purpose is to design and build a rolling chassis that is capable of traversing various terrains, which will provide support to the components and make driver feel comfortable and safe to drive.
  • Diverse air-bearing eightless eNvironment 

    Poothokaran, John; Badrinarayan, Kunal; Baldwin, Nathan; Montero, Mark; Ahmadkhanlou, Mariam; Hastings, Robert; Jote, Tesfaye; Jones, Gavin; Oztekin, Umut
    A frictionless torque-free environment is required for spacecraft dynamics research, and can enable a diverse range of experiments involving satellite control systems. A spacecraft dynamics simulator uses airbearing ...
  • R.E.D. Rover 

    Geehan, Jennifer; Medico, Steven; Aycart, Vicente; Horn, Joseph; Miller, Joseph; Vuckovic, Katarina; Mpaganga, Bonolo; Peavler, Kevin; Almeida, Rafael; McKinnon, William; Watkins, Tevin
    The purpose of this project is to build a next generation vehicle for space exploration. We plan to participate in the 2016 University Rover Challenge. The rover will be tele-operated by astronauts to assist with surface ...
  • Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M) 

    Bido, Juliette; Spence, Isaac; Curtin, Rob; Anderson, Justin; Tillman, Brianna
    TC2M is a nationwide, student-led mission tasked with the design, transport and landing of a time capsule on the surface of Mars. The Florida Institute of Technology team is tasked with conducting the systems engineering ...
  • Formula SAE: Powertrain 

    Scott, David; Manke, Mark; Alhosani, Ahmed; Alamri, Mohamed; Cherry, Pablo; Alhenaki, Mohammad; Al-Shaibani, Fahad; Zenga, Jordan; Romero, Ashlin
    Engine Choice: 2007 Honda CBR600RR •Displacement – 599cc •Cylinders – x4 •Estimated HP – 91 hp •Peak Torque – 59 Nm •Induction – Naturally Aspirated •Compression Ratio – 12.2:1 •Fuel Injection System - DENSO Port ...
  • Formula SAE: Chassis 

    Diego, Ramirez; Aljeemaz, Sager; Kunicki, Kevin
    The Chassis Sub-team designed a Chromoly 4130 Steel Space Frame around a Honda CBR 600RR, suspension points, and the Formula SAE 2015 rules, using Solid Works. The Chassis Sub-team had to find the optimum balance between ...
  • Florida Tech Drag Racing 

    Coppola, Vincent; Preston, Robert; Sparks, Ryan; Woll, Stephen
    This project seeks to design, engineer, and test a safe and reliable drag racing vehicle that is both innovative and unique from a Mechanical Engineering standpoint. Each team member was responsible for an individual ...
  • Formula SAE: Aerodynamics and Body 

    Alyami, Ibraheem; Harrinanan, Vivic; DeCosta, Cody; Bahamdain, Omar; Aldahas, Mohammed; Alshoukri, Ahmed
    Light weight Carbon Fiber structure Lower Sides mean better egress improved and down force Body and Side Pods designed using CFD -Maximum Down Force -Minimum Drag Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Structure Integrated ...

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