Recent Submissions

  • Speed Meter 

    Aldhaheri, Ali; Aldhaher, Abdulla; AlSuwaidi, Buti
    The Speed Meter finds out the velocity and acceleration of a moving vehicle using the GPS coordinates. The location coordinates are used to calculate the velocity and acceleration using predefined formulae. The results ...
  • Light Exoskeleton Gear (L.E.G.) 

    Myers, Andy; Al Matouq, Ali; DeJesus-Banos, Kelsey; Vidmark, Jessica
    The L.E.G. combines the inherent mechanical support of a knee brace with extra assistance provided in a similar way as a robotic leg. Surface Electromyography (SEMG) sensors are connected to the user’s leg to assess ...
  • Supercapacitor battery 

    Drinks, Dale; Ballentine, Chris; Stross, Stephan; Wnek, Grady
    This project investigates the viability of supercapacitors as an energy storage device used to power a small robot. In order to demonstrate the charging and performance characteristics, the robot uses a supercapacitor array ...
  • Telepresence robot 

    Hijazi, Ahmad; Al-Khatib, Abdalqader
    To create a Telepresence robot which is a robot that can be controlled remotely via the internet by the user, allowing the user to navigate that environment as if they were in it. The robot will hold a tablet to facilitate ...
  • Power Buddy 

    Irwin, Otto; Campbell, Austin; von Friesen, Timothy
    The Power Buddy monitors the power consumption of any device that plugs into a standard outlet and provides remote access to that data and other helpful information. Users gain insight into how much power a device uses ...
  • Solar powered battery charger 

    Dudley, Jonathan; Krouth, Sheila; Loudon, Michael
    Solar arrays provide clean power, but the amount depends significantly on available sunlight. To achieve sufficient power, mechanical tracking or maximum power point tracking (MPPT) methods are implemented. While mechanical ...
  • Mobile solar charging station 

    Trimboli, Vince; Burghardt, Christina; Torres, Giordano Benitez; Quintana, Rolando; Kearney, James
    The solar charging station is a portable solution for any kind of outdoor recreation, hobby, or activity that requires a moderate amount of energy. The project revolves around constructing a charger controller that will ...
  • Omnisphere 

    Ballentine, Chris; Dudamel, Gerardo; Frisbie, James; Taylor, Macdonald
    Our Omnisphere robot is a user-friendly controlled platform with three spheres for wheels. A friction-based drive system rotates each sphere with 360 degrees of full planar freedom. This system eliminates the restrictive ...
  • Universal Communications Hub 

    Robins, Ian; Pangalos, Christopher; Chan, Cargill
    To design a mobile communications system capable of maintaining a data and communications link in scenarios where traditional communications have been lost or are unavailable. In a practical scenario, this type of hub would ...
  • Autonomous Camera Drone 

    Agbayekhai, Martins; Caro, Ernesto
    The autonomous quadcopter drone follows a user carrying a GPS beacon and provides HD-quality video from above. The goal is to provide an aerial recording for an outdoor sports/adventure enthusiast, without any piloting ...
  • The Parking Camera Project: Team Sauerkraut 

    Lobo, Corin; Merino, Xavier; Petersen, Charles; Zedan, Billy
    The Parking Camera Project monitors multiple parking lot spaces and displays their availabilities in a mobile application. It uses an embedded system and a camera mounted above the parking lot to routinely capture images ...
  • Rockin’ Hat 

    Crank, Victoria; Mahabir, Ivanna; Jemmott, Tatjana; Turla, Jasmine Anne
    Build a talking hat that can analyze a given audio file and move the mouth accordingly.
  • Security System for Automobiles 

    Alghamdi, Abdulaziz; Alajaji, Abdulelah; Alowaini, Abdulrahman; Almansoori, Majed
    Security System for Automobiles (SSA) detects both accidents, and the presence of alcohol. It also informs the authorities and/or emergency responders of the accident location using GPS and GSM modems. In addition, a ...
  • Pooch Portal 

    Foy, Phil; Osaisai, Ebipamo; Reichel, Julie; Shen, Haonen
    There are no existing wirelessly controlled dog doors on the market. Pooch Portal is a proof of concept that enables an existing product to be controlled over the Internet. We have inserted a microcontroller into the ...
  • Cell phone activated access control system 

    Alshathri, Nawaf; Aldosari, Faraaj; Alshehhi, Ali; Alhashmi, Abdulazeez
    Our project is Door Unlocking System consists of Hardware as well as Software. First Level of Protection is done by Android Application. Second Level of Protection is done by RFID and it Opens the lock. System can also ...
  • King Park Indicator 

    Nguyen, Jimmy; Davis, Miles; Merritt, John
    The project will use a fiber optic sensor embedded in a protective mat to detect a moving vehicle and classify it. The fiber optic cable will work as a microbend sensor and be designed to provide recordable attenuation ...
  • Rotating LED Display 

    Shamsah, Mohammad; Alhamed, Kassim; Meer, Abdulrazzaq; Al Loughani, Mohammad
    The Rotating LED Display is a group of LEDs that are connected as a straight line. The LEDs blink so fast that when they are rotated, they create an image that the human eye can see. This concept is called Persistence of ...
  • Trolley Monitoring System 

    Adadevoh, Joshua; Umeh, Emeka; Richard-Obire, Stephanie
    The project involves building a software system to send mobile alerts to users when the Florida Tech Trolley is nearing their signed-up location. The users will be able to sign up for alerts and notifications for a ...
  • Search Bot 

    Peña-Pabon Roque Pabon, Alejandro; Castro Rosales Garcia Contiveros, Manuel G.
    The purpose of the project is to create a versatile search robot. The robot will use a camera, as well as multiple sensors to survey the environment. Used mainly for military or in situations not suitable for humans.
  • Android Home Automation 

    Almazrouei, Ahmed; Almansoori, Sayah; Al Neyadi, Abdulla
    Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 (cm) • Controlled using an Android Application • Controlling up to 3 appliances. • 2 : On/Off • 1 : Speed/Brightness control • Application interface: • Two sets of radio buttons: On/Off for ...

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