Recent Submissions

  • Edgewood Dr. extension and new parking garage 

    MCA³T Design
    Objectives: •Relieve traffic congestion off of University Blvd for pedestrian safety. •Provide extra parking spots for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Extension of Edgewood Drive & expansion of Columbia Village parking garage 

    JEANS Consulting Engineering Firm
    As FIT continues to grow, there is less parking and safety concerns regarding pedestrians crossing University Boulevard. JEANS’ solution to these issues are: 1.road extension to divert the traffic to a new route of ...
  • Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

    Boddy, Alexandria; Moodie, Steven; Awad, Mohammad; Miller, Alexis; Mitchell, William; Alamri, Tariq
    Objectives: • Design a safe and functional Pedestrian Bridge over Babcock Street. • Design a Pedestrian Safety Plan for W. University Blvd. • Make all designed environmentally and ecologically friendly.
  • Pedestrian Bridge Design for Babcock Street 

    Hereau, Joey; Dilan, Gobeil; Berber, Antonio; Bancroft, Mara; Khader, Amr; Jalal, Eyad; Alsaleh, Saad
    Florida Tech is seeking a safer option for students to cross Babcock Street •Most foot traffic occurs near the Landmark Apartment Complex •Origin-Destination Study was done to determine optimum location •Bridge is ...
  • Babcock Street Pedestrian Underpass 

    Miller, Nicholas; Jansen, Jacob; Knowles, Roccou; Cano, Enrique; Akins, Ashley; Alshamari, Fahad
    The pedestrian underpass was developed in order to fulfill the needs of our client, The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The client goal was to improve pedestrian safety and access crossing Babcock Street (SR-507). ...
  • Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

    Krause, Tyler; Almahamed, Hamad; Aljalahmah, Mohammad; Alhazeem, Maryam; Federico, John; Alhasan, Ghaidaa
    At Sapper Engineering, we strive to design structures that uphold our philosophy of building safe, reliable, and economical futures. After first being approached by Mr. Greg Tsark on behalf of Florida Institute of Technology, ...