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    • The 2010 very high energy y-ray flare and 10 years of multi-wavelength observations of M 87 

      Cara, Mihai; Perlman, Eric S.; Abramowski, A.; Acero, F.; Aharonian, F.; Akhperjanian, A. G.; Anton, G.; Balzer, A.; Barnacka, A.; Barres de Almeida, U. (2012-02-02)
      The giant radio galaxy M 87 with its proximity (16 Mpc), famous jet, and very massive black hole ((3 – 6) × 109 M ☉) provides a unique opportunity to investigate the origin of very high energy (VHE; E > 100 GeV) γ-ray ...
    • Optical polarization and spectral variability in the M87 jet 

      Perlman, Eric S.; Cara, Mihai; Bourque, Matthew; Simons, Raymond C.; Adams, Steven C.; Harris, Daniel E.; Madrid, Juan P.; Clausen-Brown, Eric; Cheung, Chi C.; Georganopoulos, Markos (2011-11-29)
      During the last decade, M87's jet has been the site of an extraordinary variability event, with one knot (HST-1) increasing by over a factor 100 in brightness. Variability has also been seen on timescales of months in the ...
    • Polarimetry and the high-energy emission mechanisms in quasar jets: the case of PKS 1136-135 

      Cara, Mihai; Perlman, Eric S.; Uchiyama, Yasunobu; Cheung, Chi C.; Coppi, Paolo S.; Georganopoulos, Markos; Worrall, Diana M.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Sparks, William B.; Marshall, Herman L. (2013-08-20)
      Since the discovery of kiloparsec-scale X-ray emission from quasar jets, the physical processes responsible for their high-energy emission have been poorly defined. A number of mechanisms are under active debate, including ...