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    • Variability of Paralarval-Squid Occurrence in Meter-Net Tows from East of Florida, USA 

      Erickson, Carrie A.; Roper, Clyde F.E.; Vecchione, Michael (2017-12)
      We attempted to determine cross-shelf, diel, and seasonal distribution patterns of paralarval cephalopods off eastern Florida during a 5-year study that employed both open-net and discrete-depth closing-net sampling. Based ...
    • The WARPS survey. VII. The WARPS-II cluster catalog 

      Horner, Donald J.; Perlman, Eric S.; Ebeling, Harald; Jones, Laurence R.; Scharf, Caleb A.; Wegner, Gary A.; Malkan, Matthew A.; Maughan, Ben J. (2008-06)
      We present the galaxy cluster catalog from the second, larger phase of the Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey (WARPS), an X-ray selected survey for high-redshift galaxy clusters. WARPS is among the largest deep X-ray cluster ...