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    • Nonlinear Ocean Energy Harvester 

      Sequeira, Dane (2018)
      The scientific community has worked to extend communication networks, human safety programs, and environmental monitoring systems across continents, but has struggled to accomplish these same goals beyond the shoreline. ...
    • Novel optical remote sensing technology for prediction of Harmful Algal Blooms 

      Tobin, Elizabeth (2011)
      Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are outbreaks of planktonic algae that threaten public health, degrade aquatic ecosystems and cause major economic losses. Most HABs are detected only after they reach an advanced stage, when ...
    • Optimal Configuration and Tuning of Wave Energy Converter Arrays 

      Edwards, Emma (2016)
      Power from ocean waves is becoming an increasingly attractive option as a source of renewable energy. Ocean waves are more reliable and predictable than sun and wind, and have a higher energy density [1]. There are locations ...