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    • Discrete and Continuous Operational Calculus in Stochastic Games 

      Iwezulu, Kenneth Ibe (2016-12)
      First, we consider a class of antagonistic stochastic games between two players A and B. The game is specified in terms of two "hostile" stochastic processes representing mutual attacks upon random times exerting casualties ...
    • Fluctuation Analysis in Stochastic System with Parallel Queues 

      Merie, Ahmed I. (2018-07)
      In this dissertation, We analyze a complex queueing system with a single server operating in three different modes and, dependent on circumstances, servicing two different queues simultaneously. There are different switching ...
    • Time Sensitive Functionals of Marked Random Measures in Real Time 

      Frisbee, Kizza M. Nandyose (2018-10)
      In this dissertation, we study marked random measures that model stochastic networks (under attacks), status of queueing systems during vacation modes, responses to cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation), ...