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    • Analysis of Fatty Acids in Chukchi Sea Sediments 

      Ajadi, Damilola (2020-05)
      The Arctic Ocean and its marginal seas are key areas for understanding the global climate system. Climate change causes increased terrigenous materials to be carried into the ocean as well as higher production of marine ...
    • Analysis of n-Alkanes and n-Alkenes in Chukchi Sea Sediments 

      Sasu, Salomey Asantewaa (2019-07)
      This study determined the concentrations, distribution and sources of n-alkanes in core sediments from four locations: Stations H24, H30, H32 and BarC5 in the Chukchi Sea, which is in the Arctic Ocean. n-Alkanes are ...
    • Phytotoxicity of Silver Species to Egeria Densa and Applications to Phytoremediation 

      Bernas, Leonard James (2016-12)
      Silver species pose a significant threat to aquatic ecosystems because the use of silver nanoparticles (AgNps) for industrial applications is significantly increasing, as are discharges into waterways. The effects have ...