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    • Target DNA structure plays a critical role in RAG transposition. 

      Posey, Jennifer E.; Pytlos, Malgorzata J.; Sinden, Richard R.; Roth, David B. (2006-11)
      Antigen receptor gene rearrangements are initiated by the RAG1/2 protein complex, which recognizes specific DNA sequences termed RSS (recombination signal sequences). The RAG recombinase can also catalyze transposition: ...
    • Targeting the bacterial orisome in the search for new antibiotics 

      Grimwade, Julia E.; Leonard, Alan C. (2017-11-17)
      There is an urgent need for new antibiotics to combat drug resistant bacteria. Existing antibiotics act on only a small number of proteins and pathways in bacterial cells, and it seems logical that expansion of the target ...
    • Techniques to quantify the size of protein colloids in amyloid fiber formation 

      Anson, Jonathan R.; Lu, Chia-Hung; Cui, Lingwen; Yang, Xiaojing; Xu, Shaohua (2013-01)
      A new method for the analysis of protein colloidal diameter has been developed using three existing protein concentration quantification techniques, absorption at 280 nm, colloidal gold assay, and DC protein assay. Protein ...
    • Temporal measurement and analysis of high-resolution spectral signatures of plants and relationships to biophysical characteristics 

      Bostater, Charles R.; Rebbman, Jan; Hall, Carlton; Provancha, Mark J.; Vieglais, David A. (1995-11-24)
      Measurements of temporal reflectance signatures as a function of growing season for sand live oak (Quercus geminata), myrtle oak (Q. myrtifolia, and saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) were collected during a two year study ...
    • The temporal spectrum of the sdB pulsating star HS 2201+2610 at 2 ms resolution 

      Silvotti, R.; Janulis, Rimvydas; Schüh, Sonja L.; Charpinet, Stéphane; Oswalt, T. D.; Silvestri, Nicole M.; González-Pérez, J. M.; Kalytis, Romualdas; Meištas, E. G.; Carlson, Glenn (2002-07)
      In this article we present the results of more than 180 hours of time-series photometry on the low gravity (log g = 5.4, Teff = 29 300 K, log He/H = -3.0 by number) sdB pulsating star HS 2201+2610, obtained between September ...
    • A ten-year search for synchronous cells: obstacles, solutions, and practical applications 

      Helmstetter, Charles E. (2015-03-25)
      My effort to use synchronously dividing cultures to examine the Escherichia coli cell cycle involved a 10-year struggle with failure after failure punctuated by a few gratifying successes, especially at the end. In this ...
    • Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr 

      Hoogakker, Babette; Bush, Mark B.; Lozano-García, Socorro; Smith, Robin S.; Singarayer, Joy S.; Marchant, Rob A.; Prentice, Iain Colin Olin; Allen, Judy R.M.; Anderson, Scott; Bhagwat, Shonil A.; Behling, Hermann (2016-01-18)
      A new global synthesis and biomization of long (> 40 kyr) pollen-data records is presented and used with simulations from the HadCM3 and FAMOUS climate models and the BIOME4 vegetation model to analyse the dynamics of the ...
    • A terrestrial gamma ray flash observed from an aircraft 

      Dwyer, Joseph R.; Schaal, M. M.; Cramer, Eric S.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Lowell, Alexander W.; Kelley, N. A.; Rassoul, Hamid K.; Splitt, Michael E.; Lazarus, Steven M.; Ulrich, W. (2011-10-27)
      On 21 August 2009, the Airborne Detector for Energetic Lightning Emissions (ADELE), an array of six gamma-ray detectors, detected a brief burst of gamma rays while flying aboard a Gulfstream V jet near two active thunderstorm ...
    • A Test of the Interstellar Boundary EXplorer Ribbon Formation in the Outer Heliosheath 

      Gamayunov, Konstantin V.; Heerikhuisen, Jacob; Rassoul, Hamid K. (2017-08-11)
      NASA's Interstellar Boundary EXplorer (IBEX) mission is imaging energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) propagating to Earth from the outer heliosphere and local interstellar medium (LISM). A dominant feature in all ENA maps is a ...
    • Testing methods to mitigate Caribbean yellow-band disease on Orbicella faveolata 

      Randall, Carly J.; Whitcher, Elizabeth M.; Code, Tessa; Pollock, Clayton J.; Lundgren, Ian F.; Hillis-Starr, Zandy Marie; Muller, Erinn M. (2018-05-11)
      Outbreaks of coral diseases continue to reduce global coral populations. In the Caribbean, yellow band is a severe and wide-spread disease that commonly affects corals of the Orbicella spp. complex, significantly impeding ...
    • A Theorem on Many Fixed Points for Nonlinear Operator 

      Sun, Jingxian; Sun, Yong (1990)
      Multiple fixed points of weakly inward mappings are investigated by means of ordinary differential equations in abstract spaces.
    • A theory of bimodal acceleration of pickup ions by compressive solar wind turbulence under pressure balance 

      Zhang, Ming; Schlickeiser, Reinhard (2012-09-10)
      Recently, it was demonstrated that stochastic acceleration of particles going through a series of compressive plasma waves can be efficient and fast. It could be too fast so that the pressure built up by the accelerated ...
    • Theranostic oxygen delivery using ultrasound and microbubbles 

      Kwan, James; Kaya, Mehmet; Borden, Mark A.; Dayton, Paul Alexander (2012)
      Means to overcome tumor hypoxia have been the subject of clinical investigations since the 1960's; however these studies have yet to find a treatment which is widely accepted. It has been known for nearly a century that ...
    • Theranostic oxygen delivery using Ultrasound and microbubbles 

      Kwan, James J.; Kaya, Mehmet; Borden, Mark A.; Dayton, Paul A. (2012-12-23)
      Means to overcome tumor hypoxia have been the subject of clinical investigations since the 1960’s; however these studies have yet to find a treatment which is widely accepted. It has been known for nearly a century that ...
    • Thermal resilience of feeding kinematics may contribute to the spread of invasive fishes in light of climate change 

      Turingan, Ralph G.; Sloan, Tyler (2016-11-25)
      As a consequence of global warming, tropical invasive species are expected to expand their range pole-ward, extending their negative impacts to previously undisturbed, high-latitude ecosystems. Investigating the physiological ...
    • Three-Dimensional Structure of a Simple Liquid at a Face-Centered-Cubic (001) Solid Surface Interface 

      Bao, Luyao; Hu, Haibao; Wen, Jun; Sepri, Paavo; Luo, Kai (2016-07-19)
      A liquid in the vicinity of a solid-liquid interface (SLI) may exhibit complex structures. In this study, we used molecular dynamics simulations demonstrating for the first time that the liquid adjacent to the SLI can have ...
    • Thresholding for higher-order statistical denoising 

      Kozaitis, Samuel P.; Young, Tim (2008-04-03)
      Hard thresholding seems to work well for denoising signals using higher-order statistics. We statistically examined the best values for hard thresholding and related this to the fraction of wavelet coefficients set to zero ...
    • Thunderstorm characteristics associated with RHESSI identified terrestrial gamma ray flashes 

      Splitt, Michael E.; Lazarus, Steven M.; Barnes, Diana H.; Smith, David M.; Hazelton, Bryna J.; Grefenstette, Brian W.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Rassoul, Hamid K. (2010-06-23)
      The characteristics of thunderstorms that produce terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs) observed by the Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) are determined using climatological and meteorological ...
    • Tibet: Holy place, not "Western Storehouse"! 

      Huang, jianguo; Lin, Junda; Miao, Shili (2007-04-01)
      [No abstract available]
    • Time evolution of terrestrial gamma ray flashes 

      Grefenstette, Brian W.; Smith, David M.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Fishman, Gerald Jerry (2008-03-18)
      We present a study of the time evolution of TGFs observed by both RHESSI and BATSE and compare the data with Monte Carlo simulations of relativistic runaway electron avalanches that record the time of flight for individual ...