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    • 2016 Baja Car 

      Al Jaberi, Khalid; Al Katheeri, Mohamed; Al Saleh, Bader; Alblooshi, Saeed; Bonilla, Martin; Salvador, David Cabrera; Faden, Sari; Heeke, Elizabeth; Mo, Jiaqi; Pounder, Andre-Louis; Wang, Bo
      The purpose is to design and build a rolling chassis that is capable of traversing various terrains, which will provide support to the components and make driver feel comfortable and safe to drive.
    • Air-Ball: the free-flying satellite simulator 

      Byrnes, James; Wang, Jerry; Czap, Andrew; Rivera, Gonzalo; Clark, Casey; McKinnon, William; Savino, Frank
      The project objective is to design, build,and fly a multi-rotor craft that achieves full six degrees of freedom to facilitate research, as well as improve techniques for satellite attitude dynamic and kinematic control.
    • Algae biodiesel byproduct utilization for economic feasibility 

      Bakley, Troy; Solano, Jennifer; Stewart, Katherine
      Algae derived biodiesel could allow the United States to produce energy domestically and sustainably while utilizing the liquid fuel distribution infrastructure we already have in place. Consistent fluctuations in crude ...
    • All-terrain Robotic Excavation System (A.R.E.S.) 

      Mohammed, L.; Albanese, Domenick; Canseco, Pablo; Green, Khalphani; Kothari, Zoher; Lower, Spencer R; McHargh, Adrian; Netzley, Jacob; Thames, Mark; Voris, Nate
      A.R.E.S. is a multidisciplinary team that is designing and building a robot to compete in the 2016 NASA Robotic Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
    • Ammonia Feedstock Production by Chemical Looping Reactors 

      Charbonneau, Nate; DeLellis, Daniel; Naqi, Ahmad
      A preliminary design for production of an ammonia feedstock plant using a chemical looping reactor system is presented. This novel fluidized bed configuration produces discrete streams of hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon ...
    • Analyzing & Interpreting Conductive Education A.I.C.E. 

      Cord, Harrison; Kaseman, Sarah; Macias, Jocday; Macias, Jocsan; McFadden, Rebecca; Mogharbel, Rawan; Reynolds, Phillip; Tate, Ariana; Vidas, Anastasios
      Conductive Education is a unique, holistic educational approach to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities achieve their greatest level of independence through physical and cognitive activities. The ...
    • Android Home Automation 

      Almazrouei, Ahmed; Almansoori, Sayah; Al Neyadi, Abdulla
      Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 (cm) • Controlled using an Android Application • Controlling up to 3 appliances. • 2 : On/Off • 1 : Speed/Brightness control • Application interface: • Two sets of radio buttons: On/Off for ...
    • APART 

      Berry, Charles; Malagon, Arturo; Sanchez, Jose; Pestana, Jeancarlo; Singh, Omesh; Faal, Jainaba; Hollahan, Thomas
      APART (Aerial Platform for Aircraft Refueling and Transport) is a proof of concept for the docking and recharging of two UASs (Unmanned Aerial systems) •UAS’s are one of the fastest growing fields in engineering, but never ...
    • Applications of Random Matrices to Image Processing for Image Denoising 

      Melo, Marcus
      Random matrices were first introduced in studies related to mathematical statistics by Wishart, Hsu. Later, Dyson recognized that would be required a new type of statistical mechanics to describe the nuclear energy levels ...
    • Appointment Cancellation Re-Scheduling Application 

      Aldurayhim, Yasir; Zhao, Boxiong; Maris, Andrew; Alharbi, Mishal
      The main idea of this project is to create commercial android applications to solve the issue of late cancellations and rescheduling in private practices. These applications will ease the difficulties of both client and ...
    • AppVeil: Controlling Android App Permissions 

      Berringer, Joseph; Fostiropoulos, Iordanis
      Our project lets you take any Android app and change the way it can access sensitive information and features on your device. You can block these features, making the target app obtain false information like “your contacts ...
    • AQUA: Academic Quality App 

      Nguy, Jennifer; Waters, Samuel
      The Florida Tech Academic Quality App (AQUA ) is a mobile application designed as a student driven anonymous reporting tool. The app also serves as an educational resource for both students and teachers.
    • Athlete recruiting 

      Wasserman, Oz; Altheiab, Abdullah
      Many athletes from all around the world have a desire to continue their athletic careers in a collegiate environment after high school. In order to do so, prospective student-athletes frequently need to go through a long, ...
    • Autonomous Camera Drone 

      Agbayekhai, Martins; Caro, Ernesto
      The autonomous quadcopter drone follows a user carrying a GPS beacon and provides HD-quality video from above. The goal is to provide an aerial recording for an outdoor sports/adventure enthusiast, without any piloting ...
    • Autonomous Luggage Transportation System (ALTS) 

      Eierle, Alexander; Hagans, Jeffrey; Jones, Bradley; Kepinski, Paul; Kuang, Haoyan; Le, Max; Mohamed, Mo; Voigtlander, Eric
      The objective is the design and development of a Renewable/Sustainable Unmanned Baggage Buggy System for use within the Melbourne Airport. This buggy system will be capable of supporting baggage acquisition, travel, and ...
    • Babcock Street Pedestrian Underpass 

      Miller, Nicholas; Jansen, Jacob; Knowles, Roccou; Cano, Enrique; Akins, Ashley; Alshamari, Fahad
      The pedestrian underpass was developed in order to fulfill the needs of our client, The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The client goal was to improve pedestrian safety and access crossing Babcock Street (SR-507). ...
    • Big Data Medical Diagnostics System/ 

      Beavers, Tabitha; Binns, Andrew; Wells, Michael
      Misplaced ECG leads are estimated to be the cause of as much as 4% of misleading results1 given to patients, occasionally causing fatalities^2. This project seeks to replace current leads with a pad of ECG electrodes, ...
    • Bio Exo Skulder – The Shoulder Brace 

      McClure, Ian; Kim, Jacob; Mogharbel, Reham; Brito, Carlos
      The shoulder joint is: •A ball-and-socket joint (3 degree of freedom) •Stabilized by the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons •Highly susceptible to injury •Difficult to repair due to its complexity
    • Biofabrication: 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering 

      Bailey, Ryan; Baskerville, Scott; Gilchrist, Victoria; Weng Kwan, Michael; McClure, Ian
      Biofabrication is the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for biological applications. The ultimate goal of biofabrication is to print viable organs for transplantation using patients’ own cells. In order for ...
    • Biomagnification of Mercury in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida 

      Beckett, Kate
      Concentrations of total mercury (THg) were determined for seven lower trophic level biota: plankton (>153 μm), anchovies (Anchoa hepsetus), crown conchs (Melongena corona), tulip snails (Fasciolaria tulipa), mullet (Mugil ...