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    • Analyzing & Interpreting Conductive Education A.I.C.E. 

      Cord, Harrison; Kaseman, Sarah; Macias, Jocday; Macias, Jocsan; McFadden, Rebecca; Mogharbel, Rawan; Reynolds, Phillip; Tate, Ariana; Vidas, Anastasios
      Conductive Education is a unique, holistic educational approach to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities achieve their greatest level of independence through physical and cognitive activities. The ...
    • PriMA prosthetics –3D printed myoelectric prosthetic arm 

      Brown, Clyde; Berger, Thaddeus; Spagnolo, Austin; Atkinson, Taylor; Pastakia, Meet; Yaman, Zuhoor; Ballman, Nicole; Pavao, Justin; Babbit, Ryan; Goldman, Dannielle; Elena, Maria Vittoria
      Develop an innovative 3D printable prosthetic arm solution which is strong and life-like in appearance and function. The device should meet all FDA standards and be designed for commercialization.
    • Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

      Krause, Tyler; Almahamed, Hamad; Aljalahmah, Mohammad; Alhazeem, Maryam; Federico, John; Alhasan, Ghaidaa
      At Sapper Engineering, we strive to design structures that uphold our philosophy of building safe, reliable, and economical futures. After first being approached by Mr. Greg Tsark on behalf of Florida Institute of Technology, ...
    • Cell Ray 3D Bioprinter 

      Bocinsky, John; Mason, Eric; Weaver, Nevada; Wood, Kristin
      For research of cancer and other diseases,it has become increasingly more important to have accurate 3D culture models that more closely mimic in vivo tissues and the surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM). The current and ...
    • Babcock Street Pedestrian Underpass 

      Miller, Nicholas; Jansen, Jacob; Knowles, Roccou; Cano, Enrique; Akins, Ashley; Alshamari, Fahad
      The pedestrian underpass was developed in order to fulfill the needs of our client, The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The client goal was to improve pedestrian safety and access crossing Babcock Street (SR-507). ...
    • Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

      Boddy, Alexandria; Moodie, Steven; Awad, Mohammad; Miller, Alexis; Mitchell, William; Alamri, Tariq
      Objectives: • Design a safe and functional Pedestrian Bridge over Babcock Street. • Design a Pedestrian Safety Plan for W. University Blvd. • Make all designed environmentally and ecologically friendly.
    • Wheelchair-Mounted Exercise Equipment for Paraplegics 

      Aljohani, Kamal; Enderli, Tanya; Guan, Shan; Hillman, Drake
      According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) there are over 276,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the United States, and 41% of these injuries are classified as paraplegia. Since ...
    • Vasreactor 

      Boeringer, Tabitha; Estacio, Alvin; Hyland, Joan; Theus, Andrea
      Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. There are numerous issues with finding healthy blood vessels in such patients, with them often having to return to surgery due to bypass failure. Bioreactors ...
    • BIOROW Real-Time Rowing Monitor 

      Gomez-Feria Ferreiro, Jose; Woodle, Chris
      The rower needs technical feedback that can provide information about the rowers motion. Improving rowing technique can help reduce the injuries acquired in the sport. The BIOROW model is a technique feedback system that ...
    • Solarizer 

      Brandt, Michael; Green, Michael; Pearce, Shelby; Soileau, Liana
      In developing countries and following natural disasters, there is a need for a portable solar powered autoclave to properly sterilize surgical equipment because there is often no access to electricity or natural gas. Without ...
    • Bio Exo Skulder – The Shoulder Brace 

      McClure, Ian; Kim, Jacob; Mogharbel, Reham; Brito, Carlos
      The shoulder joint is: •A ball-and-socket joint (3 degree of freedom) •Stabilized by the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons •Highly susceptible to injury •Difficult to repair due to its complexity
    • Biofabrication: 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering 

      Bailey, Ryan; Baskerville, Scott; Gilchrist, Victoria; Weng Kwan, Michael; McClure, Ian
      Biofabrication is the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for biological applications. The ultimate goal of biofabrication is to print viable organs for transplantation using patients’ own cells. In order for ...
    • MOTIL™ Monitoring and tracking integrated in life 

      Anthony, Dylan; Bloom, Kristopher; Carlton, Paige; Cushman, Jessica; Dias, Juston; Herschelman, Karley
      An estimated 70% of the population does not walk with correct pronation. Pronation is the method of distributing weight across the plantar surface of the foot. This leads to severe pain and joint damage over time.
    • Extension of Edgewood Drive & expansion of Columbia Village parking garage 

      JEANS Consulting Engineering Firm
      As FIT continues to grow, there is less parking and safety concerns regarding pedestrians crossing University Boulevard. JEANS’ solution to these issues are: 1.road extension to divert the traffic to a new route of ...
    • Pedestrian Bridge Design for Babcock Street 

      Hereau, Joey; Dilan, Gobeil; Berber, Antonio; Bancroft, Mara; Khader, Amr; Jalal, Eyad; Alsaleh, Saad
      Florida Tech is seeking a safer option for students to cross Babcock Street •Most foot traffic occurs near the Landmark Apartment Complex •Origin-Destination Study was done to determine optimum location •Bridge is ...
    • Edgewood Dr. extension and new parking garage 

      MCA³T Design
      Objectives: •Relieve traffic congestion off of University Blvd for pedestrian safety. •Provide extra parking spots for students, staff, and faculty.
    • Production of ethylene from shale gas via oxidative coupling of methane 

      Akpan, Emmanuel; Al Asmi, Waad; Jefferson, Kevin
      The objective of this project is to design a chemical facility which will produce ethylene. The proposed plant will be located in New Albany, Ohio because of its promising shale deposits. This plant will operate at a rate ...
    • Production & Extraction of 1,3-Butadiene by Oxidative Dehydrogenation 

      Coutte, Luis; Gonzalez Portillo, Andres; Nystrom, Stuart
      The purpose of this project is to design and simulate a chemical plant which will manufacture 1,3-Butadiene on purpose. The proposed plant will be located in the United States and will operate at a rate of almost 11,000 ...
    • Production of 1,3-Butadiene from Ethanol 

      Compton, Rosemary; Fries, Matt; Sinotte, Dillon
      Due to the increased reliance on natural gas, the production of 1,3-butadiene as a result of hydrocracking has decreased. This in turn drives the price of butadiene up at a rate that is unsustainable. Given that butadiene ...
    • Algae biodiesel byproduct utilization for economic feasibility 

      Bakley, Troy; Solano, Jennifer; Stewart, Katherine
      Algae derived biodiesel could allow the United States to produce energy domestically and sustainably while utilizing the liquid fuel distribution infrastructure we already have in place. Consistent fluctuations in crude ...