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    • Extension of Edgewood Drive and redesign of Columbia Village parking garage 

      Abbas, Fatemah; Sandell, Emma; Green, Sean; Ciftci, Atakan
      The structural component in this project is the design of the main parking structure, which will include redesigning the existing parking garage in front of Columbia Village, which will then be demolished and replaced. ...
    • SAE Baja 2015 

      Holt, Matthew; Hammadi, Abdulaziz; See, Evan; Vrampas, George; Abdutaleb, Abdullah; Aldabal, Abdulla; Almejhem, Ahmad; Alraeesi, Hamdan; Alyafei, Ibrahim; Altahri, Saeed; Binjabaan, Abdulaziz; Hartman, Timothy; Li, Stephen; Price, Adam; Santa-Lucia, Hannah; Zauner, Ezekial
      The SAE Baja competition is a student design competition that test a students ability to design, engineer, build, test, promote, and compete with a vehicle within the limits set by the rules. The goal is to create a single ...
    • NASA JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 

      Fisher, Joseph; Jones, Carlos Gross; Schultz, Daniel; Gambardella, Tom; Dillon, John
      The JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 (JSB2) team was tasked by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab to design and construct a universal automated breakout box to be used for testing any electrical system at JPL.
    • Melbourne Airport smart energy analysis 

      Johnson, Tyler; Rubenfeld, Zachary; Dirkes, James; Brooks, Claude; Sinha, Rahul; Maloney, Philip; Clark, Clark
      In the last decade there has been a massive push for making airport facilities more sustainable and energy efficient. These measures serve as an investment to cut carbon foot prints as well as wasted energy, which is ...
    • Autonomous Luggage Transportation System (ALTS) 

      Eierle, Alexander; Hagans, Jeffrey; Jones, Bradley; Kepinski, Paul; Kuang, Haoyan; Le, Max; Mohamed, Mo; Voigtlander, Eric
      The objective is the design and development of a Renewable/Sustainable Unmanned Baggage Buggy System for use within the Melbourne Airport. This buggy system will be capable of supporting baggage acquisition, travel, and ...
    • APART 

      Berry, Charles; Malagon, Arturo; Sanchez, Jose; Pestana, Jeancarlo; Singh, Omesh; Faal, Jainaba; Hollahan, Thomas
      APART (Aerial Platform for Aircraft Refueling and Transport) is a proof of concept for the docking and recharging of two UASs (Unmanned Aerial systems) •UAS’s are one of the fastest growing fields in engineering, but never ...
    • Humanitarian Outreach B 

      Gabriel, Karl; Bayasgalan, Amar; Betharte, Owen; Bridenbaugh, Garrett; Rodriguez, Carlos
      The issue of people without footwear in developing countries is a significant issue in today’s society, and it affects over 300 million people. One in seven people suffer from soil transmitted parasites. This system will ...
    • Outreach Team A - Building Blocks 

      Barnett, Stephen; Fuglas, Jonas; Graff, Michael; Knott, Michael; Violo, Julio Cesar
      After the occurrence of natural disasters in developing countries, there is a large need for shelter. The primary form of shelter that is distributed during the early and medium recovery phase is tenting. People must live ...
    • Sharkbait: unmanned underwater-air hybrid vehicle 

      Steinert, Morgan; Casteren, Sal Van; Watson, Jake; Bueno, Nick; Eldridge, Alexa; Diotte, Michael; Klein, Patrick; Costello, Zach; Harmeling, Kyler; Izzi, Cameron; Conrad, Asim
      To design, build, and test a hybrid unmanned vehicle. The vehicle shall perform as an aerial vehicle, underwater vehicle, and transition between these modes without external intervention.
    • Formula SAE: Chassis 

      Diego, Ramirez; Aljeemaz, Sager; Kunicki, Kevin
      The Chassis Sub-team designed a Chromoly 4130 Steel Space Frame around a Honda CBR 600RR, suspension points, and the Formula SAE 2015 rules, using Solid Works. The Chassis Sub-team had to find the optimum balance between ...
    • Northrop Grumman Operator Workstation 

      Alanazi, Khalid; Combs, Steven; Harney, Derrick; Portugal, Jacob; Siddique, Asif; Todd, Andrew
      The team has designed and prototyped the layout of a seated workstation that will be installed in a Northrop Grumman aircraft. The size of the workstation is being decreased as Northrop Grumman transitions to the smaller ...
    • Florida Tech Robotic Mining team 

      Alajai, N.; Cunha, N.; Brio, M.; Dilindi, B.; Ha, R.; Frutchey, D.; Hernandez, J.; Kames, E.; Kruger, M.; Marley, C.; Lai, S.; Neiger, A.; Lu, Y.; Ni, L.; Rieder, K.; On, P.; Yang, M.; Perry, C.; Zhang, Q.; Roger, J.; Stevens, J.; Alshebl, S.
      Florida Tech Robotic Mining team is a multidisciplinary group that aims to design and build a multirobot system to compete in the 2015 NASA Robotics Mining Competition.
    • NASA-JPL Google Glass 

      Amankwah, Daniel; Brandler, Sam; Chokshi, Shawn; Oliver, Rasheed; Stratton, Michael; Williams, Michael; Zappala, Peter
      The NASA-JPL Google Glass team seeks to further enhance the working conditions of assemblers at the NASA-JPL assembly warehouses. When an assembler is working, it is necessary to retrieve information about an assembly item. ...
    • Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M) 

      Bido, Juliette; Spence, Isaac; Curtin, Rob; Anderson, Justin; Tillman, Brianna
      TC2M is a nationwide, student-led mission tasked with the design, transport and landing of a time capsule on the surface of Mars. The Florida Institute of Technology team is tasked with conducting the systems engineering ...
    • Search and Rescue Robot 

      Lermen, Zackary; Bettinger, Eric; Drinks, Dale; Carter, C.; Culp, Tyler; Martinez, Devin; Stafford, Milton
      The FIT/CSRR is a mobile search and rescue vehicle, capable of being wirelessly controlled by human operators, located on the perimeter of a debris field that has been created as the result of some natural or manmade ...
    • Supercapacitor battery 

      Drinks, Dale; Ballentine, Chris; Stross, Stephan; Wnek, Grady
      This project investigates the viability of supercapacitors as an energy storage device used to power a small robot. In order to demonstrate the charging and performance characteristics, the robot uses a supercapacitor array ...
    • Power Buddy 

      Irwin, Otto; Campbell, Austin; von Friesen, Timothy
      The Power Buddy monitors the power consumption of any device that plugs into a standard outlet and provides remote access to that data and other helpful information. Users gain insight into how much power a device uses ...
    • Telepresence robot 

      Hijazi, Ahmad; Al-Khatib, Abdalqader
      To create a Telepresence robot which is a robot that can be controlled remotely via the internet by the user, allowing the user to navigate that environment as if they were in it. The robot will hold a tablet to facilitate ...
    • The Parking Camera Project: Team Sauerkraut 

      Lobo, Corin; Merino, Xavier; Petersen, Charles; Zedan, Billy
      The Parking Camera Project monitors multiple parking lot spaces and displays their availabilities in a mobile application. It uses an embedded system and a camera mounted above the parking lot to routinely capture images ...
    • Rockin’ Hat 

      Crank, Victoria; Mahabir, Ivanna; Jemmott, Tatjana; Turla, Jasmine Anne
      Build a talking hat that can analyze a given audio file and move the mouth accordingly.