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    • Suppression of back-to-back Hadron Pairs at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions at √s<inf>NN</inf>=200GeV 

      Adare, Andrew Marshall; Afanasiev, Sergey V.; Aidala, Christine A.; Ajitanand, N. N.; Yasuyuki, Akiba; Al-Bataineh, H.; Alexander, John M.; Baksay, Gyöngyi; Baksay, László A.; Hohlmann, Marcus (2011-10-18)
      Back-to-back hadron pair yields in d þ Au and p þ p collisions at ffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi sNN p ¼ 200 GeV were measured with the PHENIX detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Rapidity separated hadron pairs ...