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    • Extended warm gas in the ULIRG Mrk273: Galactic outflows and tidal debris 

      Rodríguez Zaurín, Javier; Tadhunter, Clive N.; Rupke, David S N; Veilleux, Sylvain; Spoon, Henrik W W; Chiaberge, Marco; Ramos Almeida, Cristina; Batcheldor, Dan; Sparks, William B. (2014-11)
      We present new HST/ACS medium-and narrow-band images and optical Isaac Newton Telescope long-slit spectra of the merging system Mrk273. The HST observations sample the [OIII]λλ4959,5007 emission from the galaxy and the ...
    • Polarized mid-infrared synchrotron emission in the core of Cygnus A 

      López Rodríguez, Enrique; Packham, Christopher C.; Tadhunter, Clive N.; Mason, Rachel E.; Perlman, Eric S.; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Ramos Almeida, Cristina; Ichikawa, Kohei; Levenson, Nancy A.; Rodríguez-Espinosa, José Miguel (2014-10-01)
      We present high-angular (∼0". 4) resolution mid-infrared (MIR) polarimetric observations in the 8.7μm and 11.6μm filters of Cygnus A using CanariCam on the 10.4 m Gran Telescopio CANARIAS. A highly polarized nucleus ...
    • Quantifying the AGN-driven outflows in ULIRGs (QUADROS) – II. Evidence for compact outflow regions from HST [O III] imaging observations 

      Tadhunter, Clive N.; Rodríguez-Zaurín, Javier; Rose, Marvin; Spence, Robert A.W.; Batcheldor, Dan; Berg, Michelle A.; Ramos-Almeida, Cristina; Spoon, Henrik W.W.; Sparks, William B.; Chiaber, M. (2018-05-05)
      The true importance of the warm, AGN-driven outflows for the evolution of galaxies remains uncertain. Measurements of the radial extents of the outflows are key for quantifying their masses and kinetic powers, and also ...