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    • Effects of aberrations on spatially modulated Fourier transform spectrometers 

      Sellar, R. Glenn; Rafert, James Bruce (1994-09-01)
      Spatially modulated Fourier transform spectrometers (FTS) have a throughput advantage over dispersive spectrometers, since an FTS does not require a slit in order to achieve spectral resolution. The traditional implementation ...
    • Four short-period algols 

      Rafert, James Bruce (1990-10)
      We have analyzed the light curves of four close binary star systems (BV 267, RU UMi, XZ CMi, and VV UMa) using the Wilson-Devinney differential corrections model. The present system geometries of these binaries is that of ...
    • Simultaneous light and radial velocity curve solutions for U Cephei 

      Rafert, James Bruce; Markworth, N. L. (1991-08-10)
      The light-curve synthesis approach of Wilson & Devinney has been used to solve simultaneously light and radial velocity curves of the Algol-type eclipsing binary star U Cephei. We have performed eight new differential ...