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    • Exploring the variable sky with linear. II. Halo structure and substructure traced by RR Lyrae Stars to 30 kpc 

      Sesar, Branimir; Ivezic, Zeljko; Stuart, J. Scott; Morgan, Dylan M.; Becker, Andrew C.; Sharma, Sanjib; Palaversa, Lovro; Juric, Mario; Wozniak, Przemyslaw; Oluseyi, Hakeem M. (2013-08)
      We present a sample of ∼5000 RR Lyrae stars selected from the recalibrated LINEAR data set and detected at heliocentric distances between 5 kpc and 30 kpc over ∼8000 deg2 of sky. The coordinates and light curve properties, ...
    • Exploring the variable sky with LINEAR. III. Classification of periodic light curves 

      Palaversa, Lovro; Ivezić, Željko; Eyer, Laurent; Ruždjak, Domagoj; Sudar, Davor; Galin, Mario; Kroflin, Andrea; Mesarić, Martina; Munk, Petra; Oluseyi, Hakeem M. (2013-10)
      We describe the construction of a highly reliable sample of ∼7000 optically faint periodic variable stars with light curves obtained by the asteroid survey LINEAR across 10,000 deg2 of the northern sky. The majority of ...