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    • The differences in the torus geometry between hidden and non-hidden broad line active galactic nuclei 

      Ichikawa, Kohei; Packham., Christopher C; Almeida, Cristina Ramos; Ramos, Andrés Asensio; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; González-Martín, Omaira; López Rodríguez, Enrique; Ueda, Yoshihiro; Díaz-Santos, Tanio; Perlman, Eric S. (2015-04-20)
      We present results from the fitting of infrared (IR) spectral energy distributions of 21 active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with clumpy torus models. We compiled high spatial resolution (∼0.3–0.7 arcsec) mid-IR (MIR) ...