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    • The mid-infrared emission of M87 

      Perlman, Eric S.; Mason, Rachel E.; Packham, Christopher C.; Levenson, Nancy A.; Elitzur, Moshe; Schaefer, Justin J.; Imanishi, Masatoshi; Sparks, William B.; Radomski, James T. (2007-07-10)
      We discuss Subaru and Spitzer Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy of M87 in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) from 5 to 35 μm. These observations allow us to investigate mid-IR emission mechanisms in the core of M87 and to ...
    • Subaru spectroscopy and spectral modeling of Cygnus A 

      Merlo, Matthew J.; Perlman, Eric S.; Nikutta, Robert; Packham, Christopher C.; Elitzur, Moshe; Imanishi, Masatoshi; Levenson, Nancy A.; Radomski, James T.; Aretxaga, Itziar (2014-05-16)
      We present high angular resolution (∼0.″5) MIR spectra of the powerful radio galaxy, Cygnus A (Cyg A), obtained with the Subaru telescope. The overall shape of the spectra agree with previous high angular resolution MIR ...