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    • A Concept for Early Cancer Detection and Therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Mitra, Kunal (2003-09-12)
      Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is least costly in terms of dollars, morbidity and mortality. With new early detection x-ray technology, tumors can be found, diagnosed and treated at a much smaller size than ...
    • Transmission characteristics of an all-optical-waveguide biomedical system for x-ray delivery 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Mitra, Kunal; Gannot, Israel; Jennings, Robert J. (2002-03-26)
      We have investigated the transmission characteristics of an alternative all-optical-waveguide system for x-ray delivery to a precise tissue area. The delivery system includes two basic optical elements: a funnel-shaped ...
    • Waveguide delivery of x-rays for minimally invasive tumor therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Kunal, Mitra (2001-05-21)
      We are studying the potential use of x-rays, which are collected by non-imaging optics and delivered through stereotactically guided needles by hollow waveguides, for irradiation of tumors. X-rays have greater transparency ...