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    • Delay in solar energetic particle onsets at high heliographic latitudes 

      Dalla, Silvia C.; Balogh, André; Krucker, Säm Ä M.; Posner, Arik; Müller-Mellin, Reinhold; Anglin, J. D.; Hofer, Mirjam Y.; Marsden, Richard G.; Sanderson, T. R.; Zhang, Ming (2003-06-30)
      Ulysses observations have shown that solar energetic particles (SEPs) can easily reach high heliographic latitudes. To obtain information on the release and propagation of SEPs prior to their arrival at Ulysses, we ...
    • Ulysses COSPIN observations of cosmic rays and solar energetic particles from the South Pole to the North Pole of the Sun during solar maximum 

      McKibben, Robert Bruce; Connell, James J.; Lopate, Clifford A.; Zhang, Ming; Anglin, J. D.; Balogh, André; Dalla, Silvia C.; Sanderson, T. R.; Marsden, Richard G.; Hofer, Mirjam Y.; Kunow, Horst; Posner, Arik; Heber, Bernd (2003-06-30)
      In 2000–2001 Ulysses passed from the south to the north polar regions of the Sun in the inner heliosphere, providing a snapshot of the latitudinal structure of cosmic ray modulation and solar energetic particle populations ...