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    • Advanced Astroinformatics for Variable Star Classification 

      Johnston, Kyle Burton (2019-04)
      This project outlines the complete development of a variable star classification algorithm methodology. With the advent of Big-Data in astronomy, professional astronomers are left with the problem of how to manage large ...
    • Testing the Wind-Shock Paradigm for B-Type Star X-Ray Production with θ Carinae 

      Doyle, Trisha F (2017-12)
      We present Chandra X-ray grating spectroscopy of the B0.2V star, θ Carinae. θ Car is in a critical transition region between the latest O-type and earliest B-type stars, where some of these stars are observed to have ...
    • X-rays from Magnetic B-type Stars 

      Fletcher, Corinne (2018-07)
      Recent surveys have found that ∼10% of massive stars host strong, mostly dipolar magnetic fields with strengths on the order of a kilogauss. The prominent idea describing the interaction between the stellar winds and the ...