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    • Constraints on anomalous Higgs boson couplings using production and decay information in the four-lepton final state 

      Sirunyan, A. M.; Tumasyan, A. R.; Adam, Wolfgang; Baarmand, Marc M; Bhopatkar, Vallary; Colafranceschi, Stefano; Hohlmann, Marcus; Noonan, Daniel; Roy, Tuhin S.; Yumiceva, F. (2017-12-10)
      A search is performed for anomalous interactions of the recently discovered Higgs boson using matrix element techniques with the information from its decay to four leptons and from associated Higgs boson production with ...
    • Study of final-state radiation in decays of Z bosons produced in pp collisions at 7 TeV 

      Baarmand, Marc M; Hohlmann, Marcus; Kalakhety, H.; Yumiceva, Francisco X.; Khachatryan, Vardan; Sirunyan, A. M.; Tumasyan, A. R.; Adam, Wolfgang; Bergauer, Thomas; Dragicevic, Marko (2015-05-29)
      The differential cross sections for the production of photons in Z→μ+μ-γ decays are presented as a function of the transverse energy of the photon and its separation from the nearest muon. The data for these measurements ...