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    • The Controlled Human Gyroscope 

      Arjunsingh, Randy Claude (2016-07)
      The objective of this thesis was to design an adaptive rotational motion simulator capable of replicating the attitudes of spacecrafts and aircrafts, while avoiding gimbal lock. Flight motion simulators are currently ...
    • Improving Crash Safety of Jet Dragsters Through Modeling and Analysis 

      Sanchez, Paige L (2017-07)
      The objective of this thesis was to analyze how additional foam implementation in a jet dragster driver’s compartment can improve driver safety in the case of an accident. This analysis was divided into two sections: a ...
    • Multimodal Fusion Detection System for Autonomous Vehicles 

      Person, Michael (2018-04)
      In order for autonomous vehicles to safely navigate the road ways, accurate object detection must take place before safe path planning can occur. Currently there is a gap between models that are fast enough and models ...