Recent Submissions

  • Discrete and Continuous Operational Calculus in Stochastic Games 

    Iwezulu, Kenneth Ibe (2016-12)
    First, we consider a class of antagonistic stochastic games between two players A and B. The game is specified in terms of two "hostile" stochastic processes representing mutual attacks upon random times exerting casualties ...
  • On the Inverse Multiphase Stefan Problem 

    Cevallos, Bruno Giuseppe Poggi (2015-07)
    We consider inverse multiphase Stefan problem, where information on the heat flux on the fixed boundary is missing and must be found along with the temperature and free boundaries. Optimal control framework is pursued, ...
  • Random Walks on Random Lattices and Their Applications 

    White, Ryan Tyler (2015-05)
    This work studies a class of continuous-time, multidimensional random walk processes with mutually dependent random step sizes and their exits from hyperrectangles. Fluctuations of the process about the critical boundary ...