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    • Green Panther Dormitory 

      Bahous, Ralph; Lasurdo, Alex; Somawardana, Keith; Filipow, Thomas; Martin, John; Cummins, Alex; Alharbi, Rakan
      The Dormitory will consist of 224 suites capable of housing up to 448 students. Each suite will be divided into three sections, two private individual bedrooms with a common space in-between. The common space will ...
    • Runway Energy Capturing System 

      Lorenzen, Travis; Corallo, Gian; Rajegaonkar, Shubham; Libano, Jacopo; Meireles, Cleto; Frugoli, John; Smith, Briano
      The main purpose of this project is to capture the jet blast produced by aircraft. This shall be used to harness kinetic energy that will be transformed into electrical energy. The concept of this proposal is to use a ...
    • Sintered regolith: for Martian, Lunar, and Terrestrial construction 

      Aledresi, Amro; Dawson, Chris; Kempton, Joshua; Lopizzo, Edward; Sedor, Charles; Terry, Jason
      This project proposes laboratory flexural and compressive testing of sintered regolith samples to determine the material’s mechanical properties in support of the Surface Systems research at NASA and Florida Tech’s Buzz ...