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  • IDMA: Improving the defense against malicious attack for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on the ARTP protocol 

    Peng, Chaorong; Chen, Changwen (2008-04-03)
    Malicious nodes are mounting increasingly sophisticated attacking operations on the Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). This is mainly because the IP-based MANETs are vulnerable to attacks by various malicious nodes. However, ...
  • Novel wavelength diversity technique for high-speed atmospheric turbulence compensation 

    Arrasmith, William W.; Sullivan, Sean F. (2010-05-05)
    The defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities are driving a need for software dominant, real-time or near-real time atmospheric turbulence compensated imagery. The development of parallel processing capabilities ...
  • Measurement and reduction of system latency in see-through Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) systems 

    Vincenzi, Dennis A.; Deaton, John E.; Blickenderfer, Elizabeth L.; Pray, Rick; Williams, Barry W.; Buker, Timothy J. (2010-04-23)
    Future military aviation platforms such as the proposed Joint Strike Fighter F-35 will integrate helmet mounted displays (HMDs) with the avionics and weapon systems to the degree that the HMDs will become the aircraft's ...
  • Analysis Tools and Defense Mechanisms for DoS Hash Attacks 

    Bakhtiani, Pratick Henry (2016-06)
    This thesis focuses on creating tools for the gathering and management of data for analyzing Denial of Service attacks on the advertisement-based synchronization mechanism used in the DirectDemocracyP2P application. In ...
  • Robust Structured Tracking 

    Bogun, Ivan (2016-04)
    Model-free visual tracking is an important problem in computer vision. The abundance of applications make the problem attractive, and, as a result, significant progress was made, especially in the recent years. A number ...
  • AQUA: Academic Quality App 

    Nguy, Jennifer; Waters, Samuel
    The Florida Tech Academic Quality App (AQUA ) is a mobile application designed as a student driven anonymous reporting tool. The app also serves as an educational resource for both students and teachers.
  • GLOBEStyle 

    Kainth, Gurkirat; Farmer, Jess; Torano, Joseph; Marcoux, Alyssa
    On a day-to-day basis, leaders around the world interact with people from different cultures who have different values and therefore, misunderstandings are likely to happen due to cultural differences. GLOBEStyle aims to ...
  • Athlete recruiting 

    Wasserman, Oz; Altheiab, Abdullah
    Many athletes from all around the world have a desire to continue their athletic careers in a collegiate environment after high school. In order to do so, prospective student-athletes frequently need to go through a long, ...
  • Denial of service on direct democracy peer to peer protocol 

    Finley, Robert; Busick, Brandi; Mathew, Ben
    The purpose of this project is to provide the first-ever implementation of a suspected vulnerability to the DDP2P app so that Dr. Silaghi’s research students can understand the impact of a such a major vulnerability and ...
  • A Mobile App for the Virtual Climate Adaptation Library 

    Barber, Michael; Mickus, Martynas; Reveron, Cesar; Rosenberg, Michael
    Our goal for this project was to make the Virtual Climate Adaptation Library available through an Android/Google and iOS app. This is interesting because this document repository is already in use in the field globally but ...
  • San Francisco Crime Classification 

    Alves, Anthony; LaFlamme, Ian; Mack, Hunter; Villmow, Melisa
    •Machine learning competition hosted by •12 years of San Francisco arrests data given •Goal is to predict the category of crime, given time and location •Assist in building a safer society •Work in a highly ...
  • Virtual reality flight simulator : World War 

    Roig, Santiago; Zottola, Vincent
    The goal for this project is to create a Virtual Reality Flight Simulator that provides a high level of realism with a cost-effective approach. This software will allow pilots an opportunity to hone their skills with ...
  • OS-Pro 

    Cruz, Cristian; Mehta, Dhanish; Tan, Sally
    This project helps Operation Smile, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children with cleft, to gather patient information in real time. The application is programmed to run on iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Remote FishLab 

    Namba, Nick; Bunk, Bradley; Petroske, Tyler; Dumont, Brian
    Remotely control and administer a research laboratory running a behavioral analysis experiment on fish residing in numerous tanks. The user of this system is able to use a web application to select a tank for experimentation, ...
  • Learning implicit user interest hierarchy for context in personalization 

    Kim, Hyoung-Rae; Chan, Philip K. (2002-10-05)
    To provide a more robust context for personalization, we desire to extract a continuum of general (long-term) to specific (short-term) interests of a user. Our proposed approach is to learn a user interest hierarchy (UIH) ...
  • An algorithm applicable to clearing combinatorial exchanges 

    Silaghi, Marius-Calin (2002-09-16)
    It is important to approach negotiations in a way that ensures privacy. So far, research has focused on securely solving restricted classes of negotiation techniques, mainly the (M+1)-st-price auctions. Here we show how ...
  • NAT Traversal Techniques and UDP Keep-Alive Interval Optimization 

    Widmer, Christopher Daniel (2015-07)
    NAT traversal presents a challenge to Peer to Peer (P2P) applications, as in many instances a third party is needed to help initiate communication between two hosts when one is behind one or more NAT devices. Much work has ...
  • A Methodology for Evaluating the Strength of Cued-recall Graphical Passwords 

    Alshehri, Mohammad N. (2015-12)
    With the revolution of computers, in particular smartphones, people use them to deal with sensitive information such as making online payments, online banking, managing medical records, and communicating with others via ...
  • Detecting Harmful Hand Behavior with Machine Learning from Wearable Motion Sensor Data 

    Zhang, Lingfeng (2015-12)
    In medical care and special needs areas, human activity recognition helps doctors track the patients while they are unsupervised. In this paper, we will present our classifier system for detecting harmful hand behavior. ...
  • Using a Personalized Machine Learning Approach to Detect Stolen Phones 

    Hu, Huizhong (2015-12)
    With the increasing number of smartphone penetration, mining smartphone data that make smartphone smarter became a top research area, there are a lot of event data which we can use to predict behavior or detect anomalies. ...

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