See also: Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management (2016-)[current]. In February 2016, the Construction Management Program and the Department of Civil Engineering merged to form a new department, the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management.

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  • Edgewood Dr. extension and new parking garage 

    MCA³T Design
    Objectives: •Relieve traffic congestion off of University Blvd for pedestrian safety. •Provide extra parking spots for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Extension of Edgewood Drive & expansion of Columbia Village parking garage 

    JEANS Consulting Engineering Firm
    As FIT continues to grow, there is less parking and safety concerns regarding pedestrians crossing University Boulevard. JEANS’ solution to these issues are: 1.road extension to divert the traffic to a new route of ...
  • Evaluation of Unbound Pavement Layers Moduli Using the Miniaturized Pressuremeter Test 

    Shaban, Alaa Mohammed (2016-05)
    A small version of pressuremeter known as Miniaturized Pressuremeter (MPMT) was designed and built to provide high quality pavement parameters. The device, which is a modified version of PENCEL Pressuremeter (PPMT) has a ...
  • Work-of-indentation as a means to characterize indenter geometry and load-displacement response of a material 

    Jha, Kaushal K.; Zhang, Shuo; Suksawang, Nakin; Wang, Ton-Lo; Agarwal, Arvind (2013-09-23)
    Normalized indentation works, referred to as the total and elastic energy constants, have been shown to be effective in the representation and analysis of experimental load-displacement data. However, their physical ...
  • Modeling Force Main Systems for Surge Analysis and Studying Dynamic Response due to Water Hammer 

    Al-Taliby, Wissam (2015-05)
    The major impact of water hammer on force mains integrity include excessive pressure oscillation that is usually accompanied by pipe vibrations. Models for simulating force main water hammer response have been developed. ...
  • Engineering Properties of Pile Rebound Soils Based on Cone Penetration Testing 

    Dekhn, Hadeel (2015-05)
    High pile rebound (HPR) has been identified by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to occur during the installation of square prestressed concrete piles at many sites in Florida. Significant pile rebound values ...
  • Damping of Seismic Vibrations of a 3D Asymmetrical Building Model with Multiple TMD’s 

    Pinelli, Jean-Paul; Chen, Kai; Gutierrez, Hector; Rusovici, Razvan (2014-07)
    In this paper, the authors investigate the control of the seismic response of a three dimensional asymmetrical tier-building model, with a combination of three tuned mass dampers (TMD) located on the upper floor of the ...
  • Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

    Boddy, Alexandria; Moodie, Steven; Awad, Mohammad; Miller, Alexis; Mitchell, William; Alamri, Tariq
    Objectives: • Design a safe and functional Pedestrian Bridge over Babcock Street. • Design a Pedestrian Safety Plan for W. University Blvd. • Make all designed environmentally and ecologically friendly.
  • Pedestrian Bridge Design for Babcock Street 

    Hereau, Joey; Dilan, Gobeil; Berber, Antonio; Bancroft, Mara; Khader, Amr; Jalal, Eyad; Alsaleh, Saad
    Florida Tech is seeking a safer option for students to cross Babcock Street •Most foot traffic occurs near the Landmark Apartment Complex •Origin-Destination Study was done to determine optimum location •Bridge is ...
  • Babcock Street Pedestrian Underpass 

    Miller, Nicholas; Jansen, Jacob; Knowles, Roccou; Cano, Enrique; Akins, Ashley; Alshamari, Fahad
    The pedestrian underpass was developed in order to fulfill the needs of our client, The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The client goal was to improve pedestrian safety and access crossing Babcock Street (SR-507). ...
  • Pedestrian Bridge Over Babcock Street 

    Krause, Tyler; Almahamed, Hamad; Aljalahmah, Mohammad; Alhazeem, Maryam; Federico, John; Alhasan, Ghaidaa
    At Sapper Engineering, we strive to design structures that uphold our philosophy of building safe, reliable, and economical futures. After first being approached by Mr. Greg Tsark on behalf of Florida Institute of Technology, ...