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  • Simultaneous light and radial velocity curve solutions for U Cephei 

    Rafert, James Bruce; Markworth, N. L. (1991-08-10)
    The light-curve synthesis approach of Wilson & Devinney has been used to solve simultaneously light and radial velocity curves of the Algol-type eclipsing binary star U Cephei. We have performed eight new differential ...
  • LP 133-373: A new chromospherically active eclipsing dMe binary with a distant, cool white dwarf companion 

    Vaccaro, Todd R.; Rudkin, Mark J.; Kawka, Adéla; Vennes, Stéphane; Oswalt, T. D.; Silver, Isaac M.; Wood, Matt A.; Smith, Jonathan Allyn (2007-06-01)
    We report the discovery of the partially eclipsing binary LP 133-373. Nearly identical eclipses along with observed photometric colors and spectroscopy indicate that it is a pair of chromospherically active dM4 stars in a ...
  • The deep x-ray radio blazar survey. III. radio number counts, evolutionary properties, and luminosity function of blazars 

    Padovani, Paolo; Giommi, Paolo; Landt, Hermine; Perlman, Eric S. (2007-07-10)
    Our knowledge of the blazar surface densities and luminosity functions, which are fundamental parameters, relies still on samples at relatively high flux limits. As a result, our understanding of this rare class of active ...
  • The mid-infrared emission of M87 

    Perlman, Eric S.; Mason, Rachel E.; Packham, Christopher C.; Levenson, Nancy A.; Elitzur, Moshe; Schaefer, Justin J.; Imanishi, Masatoshi; Sparks, William B.; Radomski, James T. (2007-07-10)
    We discuss Subaru and Spitzer Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy of M87 in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) from 5 to 35 μm. These observations allow us to investigate mid-IR emission mechanisms in the core of M87 and to ...
  • Diffusive compression acceleration of energetic particles with an application to shock acceleration near injection energies 

    Zhang, Ming (2007-08-20)
    The behavior of energetic charged particles accelerated by a continuous plasma compression profile is explored in the framework of diffusion. At high enough energies, the accelerated particles have a power-law spectrum ...
  • A new phenomenon in impulsive-flare-associated energetic particles 

    Chollet, Eileen E.; Giacalone, Joe; Mazur, Joseph E.; Dayeh, M. A. (2007-11-01)
    We present ACE/ULEIS and Wind/STEP observations of a new and unusual feature of energetic ions between 0.02 and 3 MeV nucleon ˉ¹ associated with impulsive solar flares. In addition to the usual velocity dispersion associated ...
  • The WEBT campaign on the blazar 3C 279 in 2006 

    Böttcher, Markus; Basu, Shantanu; Joshi, Manasvita; Villata, Massimo; Arai, Akira; Aryan, N.; Asfandiyarov, I. M.; Bach, Uwe; Robertson, Jeff W.; Vennes, Stéphane (2007-12-01)
    The quasar 3C 279 was the target of an extensive multiwavelength monitoring campaign from 2006 January through April. An optical-IR-radio monitoring campaign by the Whole Earth Blazar Telescope (WEBT) collaboration was ...
  • Whole earth telescope observations of the helium interacting binary PG 1346+082 (CR Bootis) 

    Provençal, Judith L.; Winget, Don Earl; Nather, R. Edward; Robinson, Edward L.; Clemens, J. Christopher; Bradley, Paul A.; Claver, Charles F.; Kleinman, Scot J.; Grauer, Albert D.; Wood, Matt A. (1997-05-01)
    We present our analysis of 240 hr of white-light, high-speed photometry of the dwarf nova-like helium variable PG 1346+082 (CR Boo). We identify two frequencies in the low-state power spectrum, at 679.670 ± 0.004 μHz and ...
  • White dwarf cosmochronometry. I. Monte Carlo simulations of proper-motion and magnitude-limited samples using Schmidt's 1/Vmax estimator 

    Wood, Matt A.; Oswalt, T. D. (1998-04-20)
    Observationally, white dwarf stars are a remarkably homogeneous class with a minimum observed Teff ∼ 4000 K. Theoretically, the physics that determines their cooling timescales is relatively more straightforward than that ...
  • Time series energy production in smoothed particle hydrodynamics accretion disks: Superhumps in the AM Canum venaticorum stars 

    Simpson, James C.; Wood, Matt A. (1998-10-10)
    The energy production time series of our purely hydrodynamic accretion disk simulations display remarkable similarities with the observed light curves of dwarf novae superhumps in general and the AM CVn stars in particular. ...
  • Acceleration of ³He nuclei at interplanetary shocks 

    Desai, Mihir I.; Mason, Glenn M.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Smith, Charles W.; Skoug, Ruth M. (2001-05-20)
    e have surveyed the 0.5-2.0 MeV nucleonˉ¹ ion composition of 56 interplanetary (IP) shocks observed with the Ultra - Low-Energy Isotope Spectrometer on board the Advanced Composition Explorer from 1997 October 1 through ...
  • Isotopic composition of solar energetic particle events measured by Advanced Composition Explorer/ULEIS 

    Dwyer, Joseph R.; Mason, Glenn M.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Gold, Robert E.; Krimigis, Stamatios M.; Möbius, Eberhard S.; Popecki, Mark A. (2001-12-10)
    Since its 1997 August launch, the Ultra Low Energy Isotope Spectrometer (ULEIS) on board the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) has observed a large number of solar energetic particle (SEP) events in the 0.4-3 MeV nucleonˉ¹ ...
  • A new heavy ion abundance enrichment pattern in ³He-rich solar particle events 

    Mason, Glenn M.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Dwyer, Joseph R. (2002-01-20)
    We report the first examples of ³He-rich solar energetic particle (SEP) events with heavy ion enrichments that are not ordered generally by mass. A second new feature is the large enrichment of ¹⁴N, the first time large ...
  • Spectral properties of He and heavy ions in ³He-rich solar flares 

    Mason, Glenn M.; Wiedenbeck, Mark E.; Miller, James Anne; Mazur, Joseph E.; Christian, Eric R.; Cohen, Christina M S; Cummings, Alan C.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Gold, Robert E.; Krimigis, Stamatios M. (2002-08-01)
    Using advanced instrumentation on the ACE spacecraft, we have conducted a survey of solar energetic particle spectra in ³He-rich events over a broad energy range ∼80 keV nucleon-1 to 15 MeV nucleonˉ¹ during the period 1997 ...
  • Perpendicular transport of charged particles in composite model turbulence: Recovery of diffusion 

    Qin, Gang; Matthaeus, William H.; Bieber, John William (2002-10-20)
    The computation of charged particle orbits in model turbulent magnetic fields is used to investigate the properties of particle transport in the directions perpendicular to the large-scale magnetic field. Recent results ...
  • Nonlinear collisionless perpendicular diffusion of charged particles 

    Matthaeus, William H.; Qin, Gang; Bieber, John William; Zank, Gary Paul (2003-06-10)
    A nonlinear theory of the perpendicular diffusion of charged particles is presented, including the influence of parallel scattering and dynamical turbulence. The theory shows encouraging agreement with numerical simulations.
  • Evidence for a suprathermal seed population of heavy ions accelerated by interplanetary shocks near 1 AU 

    Desai, Mihir I.; Mason, Glenn M.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Gold, Robert E.; Krimigis, Stamatios M.; Smith, Charles W.; Skoug, Ruth M. (2003-05-10)
    We have surveyed the 0.1-10 MeV nucleonˉ¹ elemental abundances at 72 interplanetary (IP) shocks observed by the Ultra-Low-Energy Isotope Spectrometer on board the Advanced Composition Explorer from 1997 October through ...
  • Elemental Fractionation in Small Solar Energetic Particle Events 

    Slocum, Penny L.; Stone, Edward C.; Leske, Richard A.; Christian, Eric R.; Cohen, Christina M S; Cummings, Alan C.; Desai, Mihir I.; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Mason, Glenn M.; Mazur, Joseph E. (2003-09-01)
    Using the Solar Isotope Spectrometer on the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE), we have measured the 11.0-21.8 MeV nucleon-1 heavy (Z ≥ 6) element abundances of 39 small solar energetic particle (SEP) events that occurred ...
  • Constraining the evolution of ZZ Ceti 

    Mukadam, Anjum S.; Kepler, Souza Oliveira; Winget, Don Earl; Nather, R. Edward; Kilic, Mukremin; Mullally, Fergal R.; Von Hippel, Ted A.; Kleinman, Scot J.; Wood, Matt A.; Silvestri, Nicole M. (2003-09-10)
    We report our analysis of the stability of pulsation periods in the DAV star (pulsating hydrogen atmosphere white dwarf) ZZ Ceti, also called R548. On the basis of observations that span 31 years, we conclude that the ...
  • Perpendicular transport of solar energetic particles in heliospheric magnetic fields 

    Zhang, Ming; Jokipii, Jack Randy; McKibben, Robert Bruce (2003-09-20)
    This paper presents direct observational evidence for large perpendicular diffusive flows of solar energetic particles in heliospheric magnetic fields. Using anisotropy measurements of 40-92 MeV protons obtained by the ...

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