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    • The Fluidizer (A Sand Management Device) 

      Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Le Merdy, Thibaud; Searcy, Shaun
      Upon each deployment of The Fluidizer, the team found ways to improve the efficiency of deployment, function, and removal of the system. at that depth. Improvements included: •Removal of the main frame previously located ...
    • The Fluidizer (Sand Management Device) 2016 

      Cespedes, Morgan; Christiansen, Ryan; Chen, Shouyu; Clancy, Phillip; Schifferl, Eric; Winter, Nathen; Zajac, Adam
      Fluidization works by pumping a fluid into a denser solid like material, and therefore turning the solid into a slurry or more fluid like substance . The fluidizer pumps water into the tight packed sands on the seafloor. ...
    • Forecasting significant wave height in a coastal estuary 

      Lazarus, Steven M.; Splitt, Michael; Colvin, Jeff; Holman, Bryan; Weaver, Robert; Taeb, Peyman; Saberi, Atousa (2016-01-13)
      Would like to ‘extend’ the Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS, Van Der Westhuysen et al. 2013) into a large narrow estuary (Indian River Lagoon, IRL). Full-blown hydrodynamic simulations
    • Forecasting wind setup in a coastal estuary 

      Colvin, Jeff; Lazarus, Steven; Splitt, Michael; Holman, Bryan P.; Weaver, Robert; Taeb, Peyman; Saberi, Atousa (2016-01-11)
      The Indian River Lagoon (IRL) is a long, narrow coastal estuary on Florida’s east coast (250 km long, less than 2 km in width in places) Wind Setup: Contributes to local flooding Increases the base water level to which ...
    • Marine current turbine prototypes 

      Clancy, Phil; Schiferl, Eric; Winter, Nathen; Zajac, Adam; Chen, Shouyu; Cespedes, Morgan; Christiansen, Ryan
      Marine current turbines (MCT) are used to generate green energy from currents and tides. This is done by converting the kinetic energy of rotating blades into electrical energy.