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    • Generation of surface shape from variable-resolution video moire contours 

      Blatt, Joel H.; Cahall, Scott C.; Gilbert, Bernard R.; Hooker, Jeffery A.; Wallace, Gary L. (1993-05-28)
      Several methods for generation of three dimensional surface shapes from variable resolution video moire contours are described. In a classical moire system, a physical grating is projected on a target and also used to view ...
    • Real time 3-D video moiré inspection system with enhanced depth resolution 

      Dawson, Donald W.; Hart, Chris L.; Gilbert, Bernard R.; Wallace, Gary L.; Blatt, Joel H. (1997-01-20)
      A variable resolution video machine vision systems has been built which generates twice the number of depth contours for a given grating spacing as a conventional moiré system. This variable resolution system uses a ...