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    • The solar flare of the 14th of July 2000 (L3+C detector results) 

      Achard, Pablo; Adriani, O.; Aguilar-Benítez, M.; Baksay, Gyöngyi; Baksay, László A.; Dehmelt, K.; Hohlmann, M.; Rembeczki, D.; Szillasi, Z.; Vodopianov, I. (2006-09)
      Aims.Several experiments have reported observations on possible correlations between the flux of high energy muons and intense solar flares. If confirmed, these observations would have significant implications for acceleration ...
    • Study of the solar anisotropy of cosmic ray primaries of about 200 GeV energy with the L3+C muon detector 

      Achard, P.; Adriáni, Oscar S.; Aguilar-Benítez, M.; van den Akker, Martin; Baksay, G.; Baksay, L.; Dehmelt, K.; Hohlmann, M.; Szillasi, Z.; Vodopianov, I. (2008-07-09)
      Context. Primary cosmic rays experience multiple deflections in the non-uniform galactic and heliospheric magnetic fields which may generate anisotropies. Aims. A study of anisotropies in the energy range between ...