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    • Directional thermal emission from a leaky-wave frequency-selective surface 

      Kinzel, Edward C.; Ginn, James C.; Tucker, Eric Z.; D'Archangel, Jeffrey A.; Florence, Louis A.; Lail, Brian A.; Boreman, Glenn D. (2013-09-11)
      We design, fabricate, and characterize a frequency-selective surface (FSS) with directional thermal emission and absorption for long-wave infrared wavelengths. The FSS consists of an array of patch antennas connected by ...
    • Numerical modeling of scattering type scanning near-field optical microscopy 

      Ravichandran, Arvindvivek T.; Kinzel, Edward C.; Ginn, James C.; D'Archangel, Jeffrey A.; Tucker, Eric Z.; Lail, Brian A.; Raschke, Markus B.; Boreman, Glenn D. (2013-09-20)
      Apertureless scattering-type Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (s-SNOM) has been used to study the electromagnetic response of infrared antennas below the diffraction limit. The ability to simultaneously resolve the ...