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    • Gaussian reference fluid and interpretation of 

      Kucha, Karel V.; Torre, Charles G. (1991-01-15)
      The of vacuum geometrodynamics is turned into a Schrödinger equation by imposing the normal Gaussian coordinate conditions with s and then restoring the coordinate invariance of the action by parametrization. This procedure ...
    • Hamiltonian formulation of induced gravity in two dimensions 

      Torre, Charles G. (1989-10-15)
      A Hamiltonian formulation of the theory of induced gravity in two dimensions is constructed. This formulation differs from previous efforts in that the formalism is covariant under all relevant transformation groups. In ...
    • Perturbations of gravitational instantons 

      Torre, Charles G. (1990-01-15)
      Ashtekar's spinorial formulation of general relativity is used to study perturbations of gravitational instantons corresponding to finite-action solutions of the Euclidean Einstein equations (with a nonzero cosmological ...