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    • AQUA: Academic Quality App 

      Nguy, Jennifer; Waters, Samuel
      The Florida Tech Academic Quality App (AQUA ) is a mobile application designed as a student driven anonymous reporting tool. The app also serves as an educational resource for both students and teachers.
    • Big Data Medical Diagnostics System/ 

      Beavers, Tabitha; Binns, Andrew; Wells, Michael
      Misplaced ECG leads are estimated to be the cause of as much as 4% of misleading results1 given to patients, occasionally causing fatalities^2. This project seeks to replace current leads with a pad of ECG electrodes, ...
    • Completeness of propositional logic as a program (with code) 

      Stansifer, Ryan (2001-10-04)
      The proof of completeness for propositional logic is a constructive one, so a computer program is suggested by the proof. We prove the completeness theorem for Łukasiewicz’ axioms directly, and translate the proof into the ...
    • Design and implementation of exception handling with zero overhead in functional languages 

      Cabada, Ramon Zatarian (2003-06-03)
      This dissertation considers the implementation of exception handling specifically for functional languages. Some implementations incur overhead for using exception handling even when no exceptions are raised. We show the ...
    • A framework for multilingual information processing 

      Atkin, Steven Edward (2002-02-18)
      Recent and (continuing) rapid increases in computing power now enable more of humankind's written communication to be represented as digital data. The most recent and obvious changes in multilingual information processing ...
    • Implementations of bidirectional reordering algorithms 

      Atkin, Steven; Stansifer, Ryan (2000)
      The goal of this paper is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the Unicode Bidirectional Reference Algorithm. We have provided an alternative reference algorithm written in the functional language Haskell. The advantage ...
    • MOOL: an object-oriented programming language with generics and modules 

      Estrada, María Lucía Barrón (2004-05-10)
      Modern object-oriented languages like Java and C# do not support parametric polymorphism and do not have a traditional module system to allow the development of large systems. They overload the class mechanism with several ...
    • OS-Pro 

      Cruz, Cristian; Mehta, Dhanish; Tan, Sally
      This project helps Operation Smile, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children with cleft, to gather patient information in real time. The application is programmed to run on iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Type inference, type improvement, and type simplification in a language with user-defined polymorphic relational operators 

      Nagy, Lajos Pal (2008-10-10)
      The overarching goal of the current thesis is to pave the road towards a comprehensive solution to the decades old problem of integrating databases and programming languages. For this purpose, we propose a record calculus ...
    • Unicode compress: does size really matter? 

      Atkin, Steve; Stansifer, Ryan (2002-07-31)
      The Unicode standard provides several algorithms, techniques, and strategies for assigning, transmitting, and compressing Unicode characters. These techniques allow Unicode data to be represented in a concise format in ...