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    • Multisite observations of the PMS δ Scuti star V351 Ori 

      Ripepi, Vincenzo; Marconi, Marcella; Bernabei, Stefano; Palla, Francesco; Pinheiro, F. J G; Folha, Daniel F M; Oswalt, T. D.; Terranegra, L.; Rudkin, Mark J.; Johnston, Kyle B. (2003-09)
      We present the results of multisite observations spanning two years on the pre-main-sequence (PMS) star V351 Ori. A total of around 180 hours of observations over 29 nights have been collected, allowing us to measure five ...
    • A multisite photometric campaign on the pre-main-sequence δ Scuti pulsator IP Persei 

      Ripepi, Vincenzo; Bernabei, Stefano; Marconi, Marcella; Palla, Francesco; Ferro, Armando Arellano; Bonanno, Alfio M.; Ferrara, P.; Frasca, Antonio; Jiang, Xiaojun; Oswalt, T. D. (2006-04)
      We present the results of a photometric multisite campaign on the δ Scuti Pre-Main-Sequence star IP Per. Nine telescopes have been involved in the observations, with a total of about 190 h of observations over 38 nights. ...