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    • Modulated X-ray emission of the magnetic O8.5V-star Tr16-22 

      Nazé, Yaël; Wade, Gregg A.; Petit, Véronique (2014-09-25)
      Using an extensive X-ray dataset, we analyzed the X-ray emission of the massive O-star Tr16-22, which was recently found to be magnetic. Its bright X-ray emission is found to be modulated with a 54d period. This timescale ...
    • The puzzling properties of the magnetic O star Tr16-22 

      Nazé, Yaël; Barbá, Rodolfo H.; Bagnulo, Stefano; Morrell, Nidia I.; Gamen, Roberto C.; Petit, Véronique; Neiner, Coralie (2016-12)
      Context. The detection of bright, hard, and variable X-ray emission in Tr16-22 prompted spectropolarimetric observations of this star, which in turn led to the discovery of a surface magnetic field. Aims. We want ...
    • X-ray emission from magnetic massive stars 

      Nazé, Yaël; Petit, Véronique; Rinbrand, Melanie; Cohen, David H.; Owocki, Stanley P.; Ud-Doula, Asif; Wade, Gregg A. (2014-10-30)
      Magnetically confined winds of early-type stars are expected to be sources of bright and hard X-rays. To clarify the systematics of the observed X-ray properties, we have analyzed a large series of Chandra and XMM-Newton ...