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    • Analyzing & Interpreting Conductive Education A.I.C.E. 

      Cord, Harrison; Kaseman, Sarah; Macias, Jocday; Macias, Jocsan; McFadden, Rebecca; Mogharbel, Rawan; Reynolds, Phillip; Tate, Ariana; Vidas, Anastasios
      Conductive Education is a unique, holistic educational approach to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities achieve their greatest level of independence through physical and cognitive activities. The ...
    • Analyzing Thermal and Mechanical Effects of Pulsed Laser Irradiation on Tissues 

      Ganguly, Mohit (2014-05)
      Pulsed lasers are known for their spatial and temporal specificity in delivering heat energy to the tissues. This is useful in laser ablation treatment mechanism where damage to the healthy tissues is highly undesired. ...
    • Bio Exo Skulder – The Shoulder Brace 

      McClure, Ian; Kim, Jacob; Mogharbel, Reham; Brito, Carlos
      The shoulder joint is: •A ball-and-socket joint (3 degree of freedom) •Stabilized by the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons •Highly susceptible to injury •Difficult to repair due to its complexity
    • Bioprinting of 3D Perfusable Structures Using an Extrusion-Based System 

      Kharel, Prabhuti (2019-06-14)
      Bioprinting is a technique of creating 3D cell laden structures by accurately dispensing biomaterial to form complex synthetic tissue. Bioprinting is a process of additive manufacturing where the cell functionality and ...
    • Cell Ray 3D Bioprinter 

      Bocinsky, John; Mason, Eric; Weaver, Nevada; Wood, Kristin
      For research of cancer and other diseases,it has become increasingly more important to have accurate 3D culture models that more closely mimic in vivo tissues and the surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM). The current and ...
    • A Concept for Early Cancer Detection and Therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Mitra, Kunal (2003-09-12)
      Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is least costly in terms of dollars, morbidity and mortality. With new early detection x-ray technology, tumors can be found, diagnosed and treated at a much smaller size than ...
    • Gene Expression Studies for Analyzing Effects of Space Radiation in Tissues 

      Farooqui, AmatulShakoor Mohammed (2019-07)
      Human exploration beyond the earth's orbit poses many risks for the crew on these missions. One of the major health risks is exposure to space radiation environment beyond the earth’s magnetic field. The space environment ...
    • MOTIL™ Monitoring and tracking integrated in life 

      Anthony, Dylan; Bloom, Kristopher; Carlton, Paige; Cushman, Jessica; Dias, Juston; Herschelman, Karley
      An estimated 70% of the population does not walk with correct pronation. Pronation is the method of distributing weight across the plantar surface of the foot. This leads to severe pain and joint damage over time.
    • Novel modeling techniques for tumor diagnostics using pulsed laser sources 

      Sakami, Mohamed; Mitra, Kunal; Vo-Dinh, Tuan (2002-05-13)
      In this paper, a two-dimensional transient radiation transport algorithm is developed to analyze short pulse laser transport through a tissue medium having tumors and inhomogeneities imbedded in it. Short pulse probing ...
    • Performance Analysis of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector 

      Alghamdi, Feras Abdullah Mohammed (2019-07)
      Solar energy technologies are growing vastly in both developed and developing countries. The parabolic trough solar collector (PTSC) technology is the most widely used system among concentrated solar technologies. In ...
    • PriMA prosthetics –3D printed myoelectric prosthetic arm 

      Brown, Clyde; Berger, Thaddeus; Spagnolo, Austin; Atkinson, Taylor; Pastakia, Meet; Yaman, Zuhoor; Ballman, Nicole; Pavao, Justin; Babbit, Ryan; Goldman, Dannielle; Elena, Maria Vittoria
      Develop an innovative 3D printable prosthetic arm solution which is strong and life-like in appearance and function. The device should meet all FDA standards and be designed for commercialization.
    • Short pulse laser propagation through tissues 

      Das, Champak; Trivedi, Ashish; Mitra, Kunal; Vo-Dinh, Tuan (2003-07-22)
      An experimental and numerical study is performed to analyze short pulse laser propagation through tissue phantoms without and with inhomogeneities/tumors imbedded in it. Short pulse laser probing techniques has distinct ...
    • Short-pulse laser propagation through tissue medium for tumor detection 

      Pal, Gopalendu; Mitra, Kunal; Vo- Dinh, Tuan (2006-02-25)
      The objective of this paper is to perform a comprehensive experimental and numerical analysis of the short pulse laser interaction with tissue medium with the goal of tumor / cancer diagnostics. For short pulse laser source, ...
    • Solarizer 

      Brandt, Michael; Green, Michael; Pearce, Shelby; Soileau, Liana
      In developing countries and following natural disasters, there is a need for a portable solar powered autoclave to properly sterilize surgical equipment because there is often no access to electricity or natural gas. Without ...
    • Transmission characteristics of an all-optical-waveguide biomedical system for x-ray delivery 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Mitra, Kunal; Gannot, Israel; Jennings, Robert J. (2002-03-26)
      We have investigated the transmission characteristics of an alternative all-optical-waveguide system for x-ray delivery to a precise tissue area. The delivery system includes two basic optical elements: a funnel-shaped ...
    • Vasreactor 

      Boeringer, Tabitha; Estacio, Alvin; Hyland, Joan; Theus, Andrea
      Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. There are numerous issues with finding healthy blood vessels in such patients, with them often having to return to surgery due to bypass failure. Bioreactors ...