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    • 2016 Baja Car 

      Al Jaberi, Khalid; Al Katheeri, Mohamed; Al Saleh, Bader; Alblooshi, Saeed; Bonilla, Martin; Salvador, David Cabrera; Faden, Sari; Heeke, Elizabeth; Mo, Jiaqi; Pounder, Andre-Louis; Wang, Bo
      The purpose is to design and build a rolling chassis that is capable of traversing various terrains, which will provide support to the components and make driver feel comfortable and safe to drive.
    • Formula SAE 

      Villacreces, Sebastian; Phillips, Savannah; Marsh, Curtis; Gunderson, Arielle; Morrison, Chris; Alblooki, Yousif; Alghamdi, Abdulrhman; Almazyad, Abdulrahman
      The FP-16 features a push rod suspension assembly with unequal length a-arms. The suspension assembly includes carbon fiber suspension a-arms and push rods, an anti-roll bar, and custom uprights engineered for optimizing ...
    • An Improved Fuel Spray Breakup Model for Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Configurations 

      Sadanandan, Chitra (2016-12)
      Lack of oil resources and increasing effects of global warming have emphasized and led to stricter regulation standards. To meet the current demands, the engines need to be highly efficient in terms of fuel efficiency ...
    • SAE Baja 2015 

      Holt, Matthew; Hammadi, Abdulaziz; See, Evan; Vrampas, George; Abdutaleb, Abdullah; Aldabal, Abdulla; Almejhem, Ahmad; Alraeesi, Hamdan; Alyafei, Ibrahim; Altahri, Saeed; Binjabaan, Abdulaziz; Hartman, Timothy; Li, Stephen; Price, Adam; Santa-Lucia, Hannah; Zauner, Ezekial
      The SAE Baja competition is a student design competition that test a students ability to design, engineer, build, test, promote, and compete with a vehicle within the limits set by the rules. The goal is to create a single ...
    • Simulation and thermodynamic analysis of extended expansion on a concept rotary engine including its effects on fuel efficiency 

      Andre, Denis Allemant; Jensen, Matthew James; Micklow, Gerald; Brenner, James; Helldorff, Helgevon (2010-01-18)
      This paper describes a novel method for extended expansion in a rotary combustion engine running ordinary gasoline. The engine consists of a toroidal-shaped piston that rotates around a drum to expand and evacuate the hot ...