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    • Calculation of signals for oceanographic lidar 

      Kunal, Mitra; Churnside, James H. (1998-07-03)
      This paper calculates signal levels that would be obtained from oceanographic lidar by solving the one-dimensional transient radiative transfer equation for remote sensing. As an example, detection of fish schools is ...
    • Use of short-pulse laser for optical tomography of tissues 

      Kunal, Mitra; Tuan, Vo-Dinh (2001-06-04)
      This paper analyzes the short pulse laser propagation through tissues for development of a time-resolved optical tomography system for detection of tumors and inhomogeneities in tissues. Traditional method for analyzing ...
    • Waveguide delivery of x-rays for minimally invasive tumor therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Kunal, Mitra (2001-05-21)
      We are studying the potential use of x-rays, which are collected by non-imaging optics and delivered through stereotactically guided needles by hollow waveguides, for irradiation of tumors. X-rays have greater transparency ...