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    • Adaptive threshold selection technique for denoising in dithered quantizers 

      Kozatis, Samuel Peter; Goswami, Hemen (2001-03-26)
      We described an adaptive denoising method to improve image quality in a wavelet-based image compression process that uses dithered quantization. In our method, the second-order moment of the quantization noise is ...
    • Bit-allocation considering mean absolute error for image compression 

      Goswami, Hemen; Kozatis, Samuel Peter (2000-06-29)
      In lossy image compression schemes, often some distortion measure is minimized to arrive at a desired target bit rate. The distortion measure that has been most studied is the mean-squared-error (MSE). However, perceptual ...
    • Improved wavelet-based multiresolution edge detection in noisy images 

      Lee, Yunwoo; Kozatis, Samuel Peter (1999-07-21)
      We used the multiresolution property of the discrete wavelet transform to detect edges in noisy images. In our approach, we used wavelets corresponding to 1 and 2 derivatives to generate noisy wavelet coefficients. Then, ...
    • Wavelet-based image compression using randomized quantization 

      Kozatis, Samuel Peter; Goswami, Hemen (2000-06-29)
      We applied dithered quantization to image compression using a wavelet transform, scalar quantization method. The results indicate that dithered quantization could change the noise characteristics ofthe reconstructed image.