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    • 2MASS J0516288+260738: Discovery of the first eclipsing late K + Brown dwarf binary system? 

      Schüh, Sonja L.; Handler, Gerald; Drechsel, Horst; Hauschildt, Peter H.; Dreizler, Stefan; Medupe, R.; Karl, C. A.; Napiwotzki, Ralf; Kim, Seunglee; Wood, Matt A. (2003-11)
      We report the discovery of a new eclipsing system less than one arcminute south of the pulsating DB white dwarf KUV 05134+2605 . The object could be identified with the point source 2MASS J0516288+260738 published by the ...
    • Asteroseismology of the PG 1159 star PG 0122+200 

      Fu, Jianning; Vauclair, Gérard P.; Solheim, Jan Erik; Chevreton, M.; Dolez, Noël; O'Brien, Marlea Sean; Kim, Seunglee; Park, Byung Gook; Handler, Gerald; Wood, Matt A. (2007-05)
      Context. The variable pre-white dwarf PG 1159 stars (GW Vir) are g-mode non-radial pulsators. Asteroseismology puts strong constraints on their global parameters and internal structure. PG 0122+200 defines the red edge of ...
    • The period and amplitude changes in the coolest GW Virginis variable star (PG 1159-type) PG 0122+200 

      Vauclair, Gérard P.; Fu, Jianning; Solheim, Jan Erik; Kim, Seunglee; Dolez, Noël; Chevreton, M.; Chen, Li; Wood, Matt A.; Silver, Isaac M.; Bognár, Zs (2011-02-16)
      Context: The PG 1159 pre-white dwarf stars experiment a rapidly cooling phase with a time scale of a few 106 years. Theoretical models predict that the neutrinos produced in their core should play a dominant role in the ...