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    • Analysis of Angular Momentum in Planetary Systems and Host Stars 

      Irwin, Stacy Ann (2015-07)
      The spin angular momentum of single Main Sequence stars has long been shown to follow a primary power law of stellar mass, J ∝ Mα, excluding stars of <2 solar masses. Lower mass stars rotate more slowly with and have ...
    • Self-Assembly of Protein Fibrils in Microgravity 

      Bell, Dylan (2018-09)
      Deposits of insoluble protein fibrils in human tissue are associated with amyloidosis and neurodegenerative diseases. Different proteins are involved in each disease; all are soluble in their native conformation in ...
    • Self-Organization of Protein Fibers in Weightlessness 

      Bell, Dylan (2015-07)
      It is currently hypothesized and widely believed that the growth of self aggregating protein chains such as amyloid fibers has a direct effect on the function of the human brain. We hypothesized creating self-assembling ...