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    • Deep Space Radiation Shelter through Magnetic Shielding 

      Eastberg Persons, Lauren Elizabeth (2019-05)
      As human space exploration begins to reach beyond Earth for the first time in 50 years, we must prepare for the eventuality of long-duration missions outside the protection of Earth's magnetic field. In interplanetary ...
    • Gel formation in protein amyloid aggregation: A physical mechanism for cytotoxicity 

      Burnett, Lisa Cole; Woodard, Daniel; Bell, Dylan; Tipton, David A.; Durrance, Samuel; Li, Bin; Xu, Shaohua (2014-04-16)
      Amyloid fibers are associated with disease but have little chemical reactivity. We investigated the formation and structure of amyloids to identify potential mechanisms for their pathogenic effects. We incubated lysozyme ...
    • A Search for Planets and Brown Dwarfs around Post Main Sequence Stars 

      Otani, Tomomi (2015-07)
      So far, the most promising theory for the existence of subdwarf B (sdB) stars is that they were formed during binary star evolution. This research was conducted to test this theory by searching for companions around six ...