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    • Empirical determination of convection parameters in white dwarfs. I. Whole Earth Telescope observations of EC14012-1446 

      Provençal, Judith L.; Montgomery, Michael H.; Kanaan, Antonio; Thompson, Susan E.; Dalessio, James; Shipman, Harry L.; Childers, D.; Wood, Matt A.; Vennes, Stéphane; Németh, Péter (2012-06-01)
      We report on an analysis of 308.3 hr of high-speed photometry targeting the pulsating DA white dwarf EC14012-1446. The data were acquired with the Whole Earth Telescope during the 2008 international observing run XCOV26. ...
    • Preliminary XCOV26 results for EC14012-1446 

      Provençal, Judith L.; Thompson, Susan E.; Montgomery, Michael H.; Kanaan, Antonio; Shipman, Harry L.; Dalessio, James; Childers, D.; Clémens, Christian; Vennes, Stéphane; Wood, Matt A. (2009)
      EC14012-1446 is a hydrogen atmosphere (DA) white dwarf pulsator. Its rich pulsation spectrum displays a range of excited modes with complex multiplet structure, in addition to numerous combination frequencies. In April ...