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    • The Gritty Black Single Mother: Protective Factors and the Influence of Black Single Mother's Grit on Young Adult Outcomes 

      Washington, Keara Cherrell (2017-12)
      Over the span of decades, literature has highlighted that offspring from Black Single Maternal Caregiver Households (BSMCH) will experience negative outcomes, including academic deficits and psychological distress, as a ...
    • Ground detection of terrestrial gamma ray flashes from distant radio signals 

      Lyu, Fanchao; Cummer, Steven A.; Briggs, Michael S.; Marisaldi, M.; Blakeslee, Richard J.; Bruning, Eric C.; Wilson, Jennifer G.; Rison, William R.; Krehbiel, Paul R.; Cramer, Eric S. (2016-08-28)
      Terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs) are brief bursts of energetic gammy-ray photons generated during thunderstorms, which have been detected almost exclusively by satellite-based instruments. Here we present three lines ...
    • Ground exploitation using a binary phase-only optical correlator 

      Kozaitis, S.P.; Halby, Sandra L.; Foor, Wesley E. (1992-12-27)
      Experimental results of an optical binary phase-only correlator using aerial imagery for ground exploitation is presented. The correlator uses magnetooptic spatial light modulators (SLMs) for dynamic operation. Input images ...

      Pandit, Ashok; El-Khazen, Clovis Clovis (1989)
      A finite element program, GROSEEP, was developed to estimate the groundwater seepage from the surficial aquifer into Indian River lagoon along a selected cross-section in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The model is a general ...
    • Group of Scuba divers 

      Florida Institute of Technology
    • Growth of saprophytic and pathogenic leptospira: evaluation of medium, temperature, inoculum, and cost 

      Finn, M. A.; Jones, Ronald H. (1976)
      Of four media tested, a tissue culture medium supplemented with a bovine serum albumin oleic acid complex provided the best leptospiral growth and cost efficiency.
    • The Growth, Structure, and Dynamics of Crime in Cities 

      Da Cunha Oliveira Junior, Marcos Antonio (2017-12)
      Crime is ubiquitous in cities but lacks a statistical characterization that could lead to uncovering its underlying mechanisms. Cities are, however, in a constant process of organization making difficult to analyze urban ...
    • H.264 scalable video over finite-state Markov chain wireless channels 

      Hua, Guogang; Song, Daewon; Hench, David L.; Chen, Chang Wen (2007-09-10)
      In this paper, a wireless channel is viewed as a heterogeneous network in the time domain, and an adaptive video transmission scheme for H.264 scalable video over wireless channels modeled as a finite-state Markov chain ...
    • A half Dl MPEG-4 encoder on the BSP-15 DSP 

      Chen, Lulin; He, Zhihai; Chen, Chang Wen; Isnardi, Michael A. (2004-01-18)
      In this paper, we present the work on implementation of a half-Dl interlaced MPEG-4 encoder with Equator Technology DSP chip, BSP-15. The BSP-15 DSP consists mainly of a VLIW core, Co-processors, and media I/O interfaces. ...
    • Hamiltonian formulation of induced gravity in two dimensions 

      Torre, Charles G. (1989-10-15)
      A Hamiltonian formulation of the theory of induced gravity in two dimensions is constructed. This formulation differs from previous efforts in that the formalism is covariant under all relevant transformation groups. In ...
    • Haptics-based Cataract Surgery Simulator 

      Luo, Jia (2015-09-01)
      Surgical training using computer-based simulators are being adopted by many medical specialties, mainly because they offer several advantages to traditional training methods involving animals or cadavers. This article ...
    • HAWQ DD 

      Subramanian, A.; Hicks, A.; Romano, C.; Gatera, G.; Alameri, J.; Dushane, M.; Rhoney, M.; Momanyi, N.; Burke, S.
      Execute an autonomous mission to deliver a package to a predetermined location. HAWQ DD (Hybrid Autonomous Winged Quadrotor Delivery Drone) transitions from quadcopter configuration to fixed wing and delivers the 3 kg ...
    • HD 164492C: A rapidly rotating, Hα-bright, magnetic early B star associated with a 12.5 d spectroscopic binary 

      Wade, Gregg A.; Shultz, Matthew E.; Sikora, J.; Bernier, M.E.; Rivinius, Th H.; Alécian, Evelyne; Petit, Véronique; Grunhut, Jason H.; The BinaMIcS Collaboration (2016-10-21)
      We employ high-resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry to derive the physical properties and magnetic characteristics of the multiple systemHD164492C, located in the young open cluster M20. The spectrum reveals ...
    • Health Behaviors Contributing to Overall Perceived Health, Mental and Physical Health Status, and Functional Impairment in Psychologists and Trainees 

      Brown, Natasha (2017-01)
      This study investigated the health behaviors and overall perceived health among psychologists and psychology trainees. Results revealed significant correlations between overall perceived health and physical activity, ...
    • Hearing the silence: Acknowledging the voice of my Latina sisters 

      Martinez-Vogt, Emily (2015-05)
      Latina community college students experience a number of challenges during their transition to college. Findings from a larger study indicated that Latina community college students experienced racism and stereotyping on ...
    • HEAT: runtime interception of Win32 functions 

      Andrews, Michael M. (2003-01-14)
      When researching in any field, it is always important to build upon existing work. In most research disciplines, the core base is well defined and widely documented. However, the basis of innovative research in computer ...
    • The heavily polluted atmosphere of the DAZ white dwarf GALEX J193156.8+011745 

      Vennes, Stephane; Kawka, Adéla; Németh, Péter (2010-05-01)
      We report on the discovery of a new heavily polluted white dwarf. The DAZ white dwarf GALEX J193156.8+011745 was identified in a joint Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX)/GSC survey of ultraviolet-excess objects. Optical ...
    • Heavy-flavor electron-muon correlations in p+p and d+Au collisions at sNN =200 GeV 

      Hohlmann, Marcus; Rembeczki, S.; Baksay, Gyöngyi; Baksay, László A; Adare, Andrew Marshall; Afanasiev, Sergei V.; Aidala, Christine A.; Ajitanand, N. N.; Akiba, Yasuyuki; Al-Bataineh, H. (2014-03-31)
      Background: Heavy-flavor modification in relativistic p(d)+A collisions are sensitive to different kinds of strong-interaction physics ranging from modifications of the nuclear wave function to initial- and final-state ...
    • Heavy-ion elemental abundances in large solar energetic particle events and their implications for the seed population 

      Desai, Mihir I.; Mason, Glenn M.; Gold, Robert E.; Krimigis, Stamatios M.; Cohen, Christina M S; Mewaldt, Richard A.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Dwyer, Joseph R. (2006-09-20)
      We have surveyed the ∼0.1-10 MeV nucleonˉ¹ abundances of heavy ions from ³He through Fe in 64 large solar energetic particle (LSEP) events observed on board the Advanced Composition Explorer from 1997 November through 2005 ...
    • Heavy-quark production in p + p and energy loss and flow of heavy quarks in Au + Au collisions at √sNN=200 GeV 

      Baksay, László A; Baksay, Gyöngyi; Dehmelt, Klaus; Hohlmann, Marcus; Rembeczki, Szabolcs; Adare, Andrew Marshall; Afanasiev, Sergei V.; Aidala, Christine A.; Ajitanand, N. N.; Akiba, Yasuyuki (2011-10-10)
      Transverse momentum spectra of electrons (pTe) from semileptonic weak decays of heavy-flavor mesons in the range of 0.3<pTe<9.0 GeV/c have been measured at midrapidity (|y|<0.35) by the PHENIX experiment at the Relativistic ...