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    • Fixed point theory for Mönch-type maps defined on closed subsets of Fréchet spaces: the projective limit approach 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal; Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (2005)
      New Leray-Schauder alternatives are presented for Mönch-type maps defined between Fréchet spaces. The proof relies on viewing a Fréchet space as the projective limit of a sequence of Banach spaces.
    • Flame Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanowires for Direct Coal Chemical Looping Combustion, and Tungsten Oxide Nanowires for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting. 

      Rao, Pratap (2011)
      The applications of metal oxide NWs are limited because conventional synthesis methods cannot achieve the scalable, rapid, controllable and economical synthesis of high-quality metal oxide NWs. In the present work, two ...
    • A flare in the jet of pictor A 

      Marshall, Herman L.; Hardcastle, Martin J.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Croston, Judith H.; Evans, Daniel A.; Landt, Hermine; Lenc, Emil; Massaro, Francesco; Perlman, Eric S.; Schwartz, Daniel A. (2010-04-13)
      A Chandra X-ray imaging observation of the jet in Pictor A showed a feature that appears to be a flare that faded between 2000 and 2002. The feature was not detected in a follow-up observation in 2009. The jet itself is ...
    • Flexible slosh diaphragm modeling and simulation in propellant tanks 

      Levine, Darren Vaughn (2014-05)
      Liquid sloshing and propellant distribution is an important field of research for aerospace applications such as launch vehicles and spacecraft. The propellant mass behavior can greatly influence vehicle dynamics, altering ...

      Bernard, Tiziano (2016-05)
      Loss of Control (LOC) in general aviation has been a topic of extensive study and analysis in the United States and the European Union due to a long series of aircraft accidents in the past decades. The National ...
    • Flight Testing Angle-of-Attack Warning Combinations on Part 23 Aircraft 

      Geehan, Jennifer Grey (2017-12)
      The high number of accidents involving General Aviation (GA) aircraft leads to a need for improved methods to warn pilots of high angles of attack (AOA) and impending stall. Such methods must be certified by the Federal ...
    • Florida Energy Assurance Plan 

      Turner, Niescja E.; Murtagh, William J.; Guthrie, Kevin; Nykyri, Katariina; Radasky, William A.; Senkowicz, Eric (2012-08-29)
      This spring, Florida held the nations first statewide emergency preparedness training and exercises geared specifically to the aftermath of severe geomagnetic events. Funded by the State of Florida Division of Emergency ...
    • Florida Tech Drag Racing 

      Coppola, Vincent; Preston, Robert; Sparks, Ryan; Woll, Stephen
      This project seeks to design, engineer, and test a safe and reliable drag racing vehicle that is both innovative and unique from a Mechanical Engineering standpoint. Each team member was responsible for an individual ...
    • Florida Tech Mars Rover Robotic Arm and Controls Systems 

      Bernard, T.; Zarlenga, C.; Rolins, A.; Troshchenko, A.; Ward, S.; Miller, J.; Buchala, K.; Dominguez, A.; Breshnahan, M.; Copeland, J.; Sanders, W.
      Robotic arm must be able to lift a maximum load of 5 Kg •The robotic arm must be able to reach anywhere between ground level and a meter above ground level •The robotic arm must have the ability to grasp and actuate ...
    • Florida Tech Robotic Mining team 

      Alajai, N.; Cunha, N.; Brio, M.; Dilindi, B.; Ha, R.; Frutchey, D.; Hernandez, J.; Kames, E.; Kruger, M.; Marley, C.; Lai, S.; Neiger, A.; Lu, Y.; Ni, L.; Rieder, K.; On, P.; Yang, M.; Perry, C.; Zhang, Q.; Roger, J.; Stevens, J.; Alshebl, S.
      Florida Tech Robotic Mining team is a multidisciplinary group that aims to design and build a multirobot system to compete in the 2015 NASA Robotics Mining Competition.
    • The Fluidizer (A Sand Management Device) 

      Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Le Merdy, Thibaud; Searcy, Shaun
      Upon each deployment of The Fluidizer, the team found ways to improve the efficiency of deployment, function, and removal of the system. at that depth. Improvements included: •Removal of the main frame previously located ...
    • The Fluidizer (Sand Management Device) 2016 

      Cespedes, Morgan; Christiansen, Ryan; Chen, Shouyu; Clancy, Phillip; Schifferl, Eric; Winter, Nathen; Zajac, Adam
      Fluidization works by pumping a fluid into a denser solid like material, and therefore turning the solid into a slurry or more fluid like substance . The fluidizer pumps water into the tight packed sands on the seafloor. ...
    • FLUME* – Recirculating Water Tank 

      Le Merdy, Thibaud; Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Searcy, Shaun
      All objectives were successfully achieved and even more. It was seen that the model flume could simulate vessel going up to 22 knots instead of 12 knots. Laminar flow was visually observed over time. Then, by increasing ...
    • Focused Acoustic Wave (Faw) Channelizer 

      Pape, Dennis R.; Bardos, Andrew M.; Popek, Marc H.; Shah, Manhar L. (1986-09-24)
      The architecture, operation, and performance of a new integrated acoustic RF channelizer are described. The all- acoustic device uses a phased array piezoelectric transducer to generate frequency dispersed bulk acoustic ...
    • Foot-strike analyzer and trainer 

      Hand, Zachary
      The goal of this project is to implement a portable system that is capable of monitoring how a runner's foot interacts with the ground. It provides real-time feedback allowing the user to modify their running form to fit ...
    • Forecasting significant wave height in a coastal estuary 

      Lazarus, Steven M.; Splitt, Michael; Colvin, Jeff; Holman, Bryan; Weaver, Robert; Taeb, Peyman; Saberi, Atousa (2016-01-13)
      Would like to ‘extend’ the Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS, Van Der Westhuysen et al. 2013) into a large narrow estuary (Indian River Lagoon, IRL). Full-blown hydrodynamic simulations
    • Forecasting wind setup in a coastal estuary 

      Colvin, Jeff; Lazarus, Steven; Splitt, Michael; Holman, Bryan P.; Weaver, Robert; Taeb, Peyman; Saberi, Atousa (2016-01-11)
      The Indian River Lagoon (IRL) is a long, narrow coastal estuary on Florida’s east coast (250 km long, less than 2 km in width in places) Wind Setup: Contributes to local flooding Increases the base water level to which ...
    • Formal tests for LLM approaches using refined cockpit display technology 

      Davis, Randall C.; Wilt, Dennis W.; Henion, James T.; Alter, Keith W.; Snow, Paul; Deaton, John E. (2005-05-31)
      Results are presented from formal flight and simulation experiments to test a new primary flight display (PFD)/refined multifunction display (MFD) system, with a computer generated dynamic pathway, as a viable means for a ...
    • Formation energies and energy levels of deep defects in narrow-gap semiconductors 

      Patterson, James D.; li, Weigang (1996-07-12)
      We use a Green's function technique for deep defect energy level calculations in mercury cadmium telluride, mercury zinc telluride, and mercury zinc selenide. The formation energy is calculated from the difference between ...
    • Formation of Compound Plates in the Skeleton of the Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla 

      Petilli, Beverly
      The sea urchin’s body, or test, is divided into 20 columns of calcareous skeletal plates. These columns are divided into paired, alternating regions. The ambulacral region is distinguished by the presence of tube feet. The ...