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    • Formation of Compound Plates in the Skeleton of the Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla 

      Petilli, Beverly
      The sea urchin’s body, or test, is divided into 20 columns of calcareous skeletal plates. These columns are divided into paired, alternating regions. The ambulacral region is distinguished by the presence of tube feet. The ...
    • Formation of sprite streamers at subbreakdown conditions from ionospheric inhomogeneities resembling observed sprite halo structures 

      Kosar, Burcu C.; Liu, Ningyu; Rassoul, Hamid K. (2013-12-04)
      Modeling results of sprite streamer formation from large ionospheric inhomogeneities or patches (several tens to hundreds of meter wide) indicate that positive streamers can be initiated at subbreakdown conditions from the ...
    • Formation of streamer discharges from an isolated ionization column at subbreakdown conditions 

      Ningyu, Liu; Kosar, Burcu C.; Sadighi, Samaneh; Dwyer, Joseph R.; Rassoul, Hamid K. (2012-07-10)
      This Letter reports a modeling study on the formation of streamer discharges from an isolated ionization column under subbreakdown condition. Numerical simulations show that positive streamers are able to form from the ...
    • Formula SAE 

      Villacreces, Sebastian; Phillips, Savannah; Marsh, Curtis; Gunderson, Arielle; Morrison, Chris; Alblooki, Yousif; Alghamdi, Abdulrhman; Almazyad, Abdulrahman
      The FP-16 features a push rod suspension assembly with unequal length a-arms. The suspension assembly includes carbon fiber suspension a-arms and push rods, an anti-roll bar, and custom uprights engineered for optimizing ...
    • Formula SAE: Aerodynamics and Body 

      Alyami, Ibraheem; Harrinanan, Vivic; DeCosta, Cody; Bahamdain, Omar; Aldahas, Mohammed; Alshoukri, Ahmed
      Light weight Carbon Fiber structure Lower Sides mean better egress improved and down force Body and Side Pods designed using CFD -Maximum Down Force -Minimum Drag Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Structure Integrated ...
    • Formula SAE: Chassis 

      Diego, Ramirez; Aljeemaz, Sager; Kunicki, Kevin
      The Chassis Sub-team designed a Chromoly 4130 Steel Space Frame around a Honda CBR 600RR, suspension points, and the Formula SAE 2015 rules, using Solid Works. The Chassis Sub-team had to find the optimum balance between ...
    • Formula SAE: Powertrain 

      Scott, David; Manke, Mark; Alhosani, Ahmed; Alamri, Mohamed; Cherry, Pablo; Alhenaki, Mohammad; Al-Shaibani, Fahad; Zenga, Jordan; Romero, Ashlin
      Engine Choice: 2007 Honda CBR600RR •Displacement – 599cc •Cylinders – x4 •Estimated HP – 91 hp •Peak Torque – 59 Nm •Induction – Naturally Aspirated •Compression Ratio – 12.2:1 •Fuel Injection System - DENSO Port ...
    • Formula SAE: Suspension 

      Alfaro, Gerardo; Alsuwaid, Mohammad; Jaramillo, Manuel; Kania, Blair; Lotfy, Karim
      The Suspension Sub-team focused it's design decisions for the FP-15 around ensuring the tires stay in optimum contact with the road.

      Dubbelday, Pieter S. (1975)
      Formulations for the energy equation exist in variety in fundamental and applied texts and monographs on fluid dynamics. It is often difficult to establish the set of conditions leading to a given formulation. More deleterious ...
    • A Foundation for Cyber Experimentation 

      Stoner, Evan Lawrence (2015-05)
      Despite the variety of environments and tools available to computer scientists performing cyber experimentation, the community lacks a single cohesive platform that is capable of unifying these tools across environments ...
    • Four short-period algols 

      Rafert, James Bruce (1990-10)
      We have analyzed the light curves of four close binary star systems (BV 267, RU UMi, XZ CMi, and VV UMa) using the Wilson-Devinney differential corrections model. The present system geometries of these binaries is that of ...
    • Fragile binary candidates in the SDSS DR8 spectroscopic archive 

      Zhao, J.K; Oswalt, Terry D.; Zhao, G. (2012-02)
      We present a catalog of 80 very wide fragile binary candidates (projected separations >10,000 AU) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release Eight spectral archive. The pairs were selected based on proper motion, radial ...
    • Fragile binary candidates in the SDSS DR8 spectroscopic archive 

      Zhao, Jingkun; Oswalt, T. D.; Zhao, Gang (2011-12-15)
      We present a catalog of 80 very wide fragile binary candidates (projected separations >10,000 AU) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release Eight spectral archive. The pairs were selected based on proper motion, radial ...
    • A framework for multilingual information processing 

      Atkin, Steven Edward (2002-02-18)
      Recent and (continuing) rapid increases in computing power now enable more of humankind's written communication to be represented as digital data. The most recent and obvious changes in multilingual information processing ...
    • Framework for Open-Source Software Update Mechanism: Resistance to Stacking the Deck Attack 

      Alhamed, Khalid (2015-05)
      Currently many users trust open-source binaries downloaded from repositories such as,, and As with any system connected to the Internet, such repositories can be subject to attacks ...
    • Free-space optical communication link using spatial optical encryption 

      Murshid, Syed H.; Howard, William B.; Chakravarty, Abhijit (2011-05-04)
      Free-space optical links are ideal for short-range (1 km to 3 km) communications. An innovative new technique called Spatial Optical Encryption can be used to secure laser data communications. With this technique, data can ...

      Venuto, Charles J.; Trefry, John H. (1983)
      Copper, iron and zinc concentrations were determined for muscle, gill and liver tissue from 45 black mullet (Mugil cephalus) collected in Turkey Creek, an embayment of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida. In the liver, Fe ...
    • Frequency-selective surface coupled metal-oxide-metal diodes 

      Kinzel, Edward C.; Brown, Robert Laurent; Ginn, James Chris; Lail, Brian A.; Slovick, Brian A.; Boreman, Glenn D. (2013-06-11)
      Metal-Oxide-Metal diodes offer the possibility of directly rectifying infrared radiation. To be effective for sensing or energy harvesting they must be coupled to an antenna which produces intense fields at the diode. While ...
    • Frisbee at Jensen Beach Campus 

      Griffin, Jim; Hutchins, John
    • Function approximation using a sinc neural network 

      Elwasif, Wael R.; Fausett, Laurene V (1996-03-22)
      Neural networks for function approximation are the basis of many applications. Such networks often use a sigmoidal activation function (e.g. tanh) or a radial basis function (e.g. gaussian). Networks have also been developed ...