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    • Variability timescales in the M87 jet: signatures of E^2 losses, discovery of a quasi period in HST-1, and the site of TeV flaring 

      Harris, Daniel E.; Cheung, Chi C.; Stawarz, Łukasz; Biretta, J. A.; Perlman, Eric S. (2009-06-11)
      We investigate the variability timescales in the jet of M87 with two goals. The first is to use the rise times and decay times in the radio, ultraviolet, and X-ray light curves of HST-1 to constrain the source size and the ...
    • Variable-resolution video moire error map system for inspection of continuously manufactured objects 

      Blatt, Joel H.; Cahall, Scott C.; Hooker, Jeffery A. (1993-05-28)
      Moire techniques can be a powerful tool to determine deviation of a manufactured shape from a desired shape. In a traditional moire system, distorted gratings on an object are viewed through an undistorted grating. The ...
    • The Variation in the Occurrence of Diatoms in the External Mucus of Florida Sharks 

      Nakachi, Kaikea
      Elasmobranch skin has been extensively studied for its drag-reducing hydrodynamic structure and its implications for reduction in ship fuel cost1. Shark mucus and biofilm may also have antifouling properties of interest ...
    • Variational Lyapunov method and stability theory 

      Lakshmikantham, V.; Liu, Xinzhi; Leela, S. G (1998)
      By unifying the method of variation of parameters and Lyapunov's second method, we develop a fruitful technique which we call variational Lyapunov method. We then consider the stability theory in this new framework showing ...
    • Variational methods and critical point theory 

      Otero-Espinar, Victoria; Nieto, Juan J.; O'Regan, Donal; Perera, Kanishka (2012-11-08)
    • Variational methods and critical point theory 2013 

      Otero-Espinar, Victoria; Nieto, Juan J.; O'Regan, Donal; Perera, Kanishka (2013-12-01)
    • Vasreactor 

      Boeringer, Tabitha; Estacio, Alvin; Hyland, Joan; Theus, Andrea
      Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. There are numerous issues with finding healthy blood vessels in such patients, with them often having to return to surgery due to bypass failure. Bioreactors ...
    • Verification of precipitation forecasts from National Weather Service high resolution forecast models 

      Reardon, Kelly
      An evaluation of the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model and the Weather, Research, and Forecasting (WRF) model was conducted for the NWS in Melbourne, Florida. The models were verified through the radar precipitation ...
    • Video transmission over MIMO-OFDM system: MDC and space-time coding-based approaches 

      Zheng, Haifeng; Ru, Congchong; Chen, Changwen; Yu, Lun (2007)
      MIMO-OFDM is a promising technique for the broadband wireless communication system. In this paper, we propose a novel scheme that integrates multiple-description coding (MDC), error-resilient video coding, and unequal error ...
    • Virtual reality flight simulator : World War 

      Roig, Santiago; Zottola, Vincent
      The goal for this project is to create a Virtual Reality Flight Simulator that provides a high level of realism with a cost-effective approach. This software will allow pilots an opportunity to hone their skills with ...
    • Visible light responsive systems based on metastable-state photoacids 

      Liao, Yi (2015-08-13)
      Proton transfer is one of the most fundamental processes in nature. Metastable-state photoacids can reversibly generate a large proton concentration under visible light with moderate intensity. which provides a general ...
    • Visible-light activatable organic CO-releasing molecules (PhotoCORMs) that simultaneously generate fluorophores 

      Peng, Ping; Wang, Chaoming; Shi, Zheng; Johns, Valentine K.; Ma, Liyuan; Oyer, Jeremiah; Copik, Alicja; Igarashi, Robert; Liao, Yi (2013-07-31)
      Novel organic photoCORMs based on micelle-encapsulated unsaturated cyclic α-diketones were designed and synthesized. These photoCORMs can be activated by visible light, have potentially low toxicity, allow the delivery of ...
    • Visualization of medical images over mobile wireless handheld devices 

      Wu, Min; Ashish, Khurana; Mariappan, Nadar; Chen, Chang Wen (2005-03-14)
      With the novel advances in wireless communication and personal mobile handheld devices, a newly emerging technology of medical visualization on mobile handheld is believed to provide advance service for physicians, especially ...
    • Voice Controlled Robotic Arm 

      Barla, Abhishek
      The Voice Controlled Robotic Arm (VCRA) is, as the name suggests, a robotic arm that picks up a block from one place and drops it at another, using voice commands. The robotic arm is connected to a PC using a USB. On the ...
    • Voice Controlled TV 

      Alshatti, Yousef; Alshamisi, Ahmed; Alqabandi, Khalifah; Almatham, Mohammed
      The voice controlled TV as we are designing is a system that can recognize voice commands and is independent of any speaker and can control a Television. There will be some keywords that are selected for the system to ...

      Pandit, Ashok; White, John H.; Kakoullis, Antonis A.; Akula, Satish B.; David, James R. (1997)
      The dominant term in the estimation of net flux calculation, between a marsh and a source of tidal water is often the exchange of water. The purpose of this study was to provide a description of the methodology used to ...
    • Vulnerability Model of Residential Structures Subject to Hurricane Induced Wind, Surge and Inundation 

      Baradaranshoraka, Mohammad (2017-09)
      Annualized hurricane-related losses to the built environment in the United States are in the billions of dollars. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 2010 39% of the United States population, ...
    • The WARPS survey. VII. The WARPS-II cluster catalog 

      Horner, Donald J.; Perlman, Eric S.; Ebeling, Harald; Jones, Laurence R.; Scharf, Caleb A.; Wegner, Gary A.; Malkan, Matthew A.; Maughan, Ben J. (2008-06)
      We present the galaxy cluster catalog from the second, larger phase of the Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey (WARPS), an X-ray selected survey for high-redshift galaxy clusters. WARPS is among the largest deep X-ray cluster ...
    • Waterfront event 

      Griffin, Jim; Hutchins, John
    • Waveguide delivery of x-rays for minimally invasive tumor therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Kunal, Mitra (2001-05-21)
      We are studying the potential use of x-rays, which are collected by non-imaging optics and delivered through stereotactically guided needles by hollow waveguides, for irradiation of tumors. X-rays have greater transparency ...