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    • The WARPS survey. VII. The WARPS-II cluster catalog 

      Horner, Donald J.; Perlman, Eric S.; Ebeling, Harald; Jones, Laurence R.; Scharf, Caleb A.; Wegner, Gary A.; Malkan, Matthew A.; Maughan, Ben J. (2008-06)
      We present the galaxy cluster catalog from the second, larger phase of the Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey (WARPS), an X-ray selected survey for high-redshift galaxy clusters. WARPS is among the largest deep X-ray cluster ...
    • Waveguide delivery of x-rays for minimally invasive tumor therapy 

      Waynant, Ronald W.; Ilev, Ilko K.; Kunal, Mitra (2001-05-21)
      We are studying the potential use of x-rays, which are collected by non-imaging optics and delivered through stereotactically guided needles by hollow waveguides, for irradiation of tumors. X-rays have greater transparency ...
    • Wavelength independency of spatially multiplexed communication channels in standard multimode optical fibers 

      Murshid, Syed H.; Lovell, Gregory L.; Hridoy, Arnob; Parhar, Gurinder; Chakravarty, Abhijit; Alanzi, Saud F.; Chowdhury, Bilas (2016-08-08)
      Spatial domain multiplexing (SDM), also known as space division multiplexing, adds a new degree of photon freedom to existing optical fiber multiplexing techniques by allocating separate radial locations to different ...
    • Wavelength specific fluorescence coefficients for simulating hyperspectral reflectance signatures of water 

      Bostater, Charles R.; Rebman, Jan (1999-12-17)
      A model which describes the transfer of irradiant light in water is used to predict the fluorescence response of the water surface reflectance under solar induced or an artificial light source such as a laser. Formulations ...
    • Wavelet based image compression using perceptual distortion metric 

      Goswami, Hemen; Kozaitis, S.P. (2003-08-08)
      Bits are allocated to various subbands to minimize a particular cost function to achieve compression in subband coding. The most common cost function is the L2 norm based on mean squared error (MSE). However, the MSE often ...
    • Wavelet-based fusion approach using unique reconstruction approach 

      Ouendeno, Michel; Kozaitis, Samuel P. (2007-04-09)
      We used measures based on entropy to evaluate a method designed to fuse imagery from different sensor types. The method uses different forward transforms of input images and a common transform to reconstruct the final ...
    • Wavelet-based image compression using randomized quantization 

      Kozatis, Samuel Peter; Goswami, Hemen (2000-06-29)
      We applied dithered quantization to image compression using a wavelet transform, scalar quantization method. The results indicate that dithered quantization could change the noise characteristics ofthe reconstructed image.
    • Wavelet-based noise reduction in multispectral imagery 

      Basuhail, Abdullah A.; Kozaitis, S.P. (1998-07-02)
      We used a 3-D wavelet-based denoising method to reduce the noise from multispectral imagery. In our approach, we compared denoising of different bands of a multispectral image using a 2-D denoising technique, by which the ...
    • Weather Station 

      ALmasabi, Sakher; ALmemarii, Mohamed; ALmemari, Omar
      Weather station consisting of a number of sensors Sensors continuously transmit their readings wirelessly Readings are received by an android app on a mobile phone and the app displays the data sent by the weather station ...
    • Web-based trend analysis of rocket data using XML 

      Gibson, Mark Randall (2005-01-22)
      This paper will discuss and prove the feasibility of using XML to transfer, compare, and view data created during automated testing of black boxes; stored both in simple text format and relational database format. This ...
    • WebSpy: an architecture for monitoring web server availability in a multi-platform environment 

      Thirukonda, Madhan M.; Becker, Shirley A. (2002-05-08)
      For an electronic business (e-business), customer satisfaction can be the difference between long-term success and short-term failure. Customer satisfaction is highly impacted by web server availability, as customers expect ...
    • WebSpy: An architecture for monitoring web server availability in a multi-platform environment 

      Thirukonda, Madhan Mohan; Becker, Shirley Ann (2002)
      For an electronic business (e-business), customer satisfaction can be the difference between long-term success and short-term failure. Customer satisfaction is highly impacted by Web server availability, as customers expect ...
    • The WEBT campaign on the blazar 3C 279 in 2006 

      Böttcher, Markus; Basu, Shantanu; Joshi, Manasvita; Villata, Massimo; Arai, Akira; Aryan, N.; Asfandiyarov, I. M.; Bach, Uwe; Robertson, Jeff W.; Vennes, Stéphane (2007-12-01)
      The quasar 3C 279 was the target of an extensive multiwavelength monitoring campaign from 2006 January through April. An optical-IR-radio monitoring campaign by the Whole Earth Blazar Telescope (WEBT) collaboration was ...
    • Weighted Composition Operators From Logarithmic Bloch-Type Spaces To Bloch-Type Spaces 

      Stevic, Stevo; Agarwal, Ravi P. (2009-07-03)
      The boundedness and compactness of the weighted composition operators from to Bloch-type spaces are studied here. © 2009 S. Stević and R. P. Agarwal.
    • What Makes a Business Person a Criminal: An Examination Through Academic Dishonesty 

      Fraley, Dakota Lee (2017-05)
      The present study examined the interaction between environmental and individual difference characteristics in predicting perceptions of white-collar crime and likelihood to engage in academic dishonesty. It adopted a ...
    • Wheelchair-Mounted Exercise Equipment for Paraplegics 

      Aljohani, Kamal; Enderli, Tanya; Guan, Shan; Hillman, Drake
      According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) there are over 276,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the United States, and 41% of these injuries are classified as paraplegia. Since ...
    • When Personality Traits Need a Frame of Reference: Enhancing the Predictive Validity of Non-cognitive Measures. 

      English, Andrew David (2003-12)
      The reconsideration of personality among personnel specialists is partly due to the discovery of the five-factor model of personality or the "Big Five" (Costa, 1996). In the years following the acceptance of this taxonomy, ...
    • Where Are the Magnetic White Dwarfs with Detached, Nondegenerate Companions? 

      Liebert, James W.; Wickramsinghe, Dayal T.; Schmidt, Gary D.; Silvestri, Nicole M.; Hawley, Suzanne L.; Szkody, Paula; Ferrario, Lilia; Webbink, Ronald F.; Oswalt, T. D.; Smith, Jonathan Allyn (2005-05)
      The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has already more than doubled the sample of white dwarfs with spectral classi- fications, the subset with detached M dwarf companions, and the subset of magnetic white dwarfs. In the course ...
    • White dwarf cosmochronometry. I. Monte Carlo simulations of proper-motion and magnitude-limited samples using Schmidt's 1/Vmax estimator 

      Wood, Matt A.; Oswalt, T. D. (1998-04-20)
      Observationally, white dwarf stars are a remarkably homogeneous class with a minimum observed Teff ∼ 4000 K. Theoretically, the physics that determines their cooling timescales is relatively more straightforward than that ...
    • White dwarfs in common proper motion binary systems: Mass distribution and kinematics 

      Silvestri, Nicole M.; Oswalt, T. D.; Wood, Matt A.; Smith, Jonathan Allyn; Reid, Iain Neill; Sión, Edward M. (2001-01)
      We present the mass distribution, gravitational redshifts, radial velocities, and space motions of white dwarf stars in common proper motion binary systems. The mass distribution we derive for the 41 DA white dwarfs in ...