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    • N-Version programming for the detection of zero-day exploits 

      Nagy, Lajos; Ford, Richard; Allen, William (2006-02-04)
      Using N-Version programming techniques to increase software reliability is a well-explored field. In this paper, we extend the concept to the detection of new security vulnerabilities. Using our own N-Version arbiter, ...
    • NASA JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 

      Fisher, Joseph; Jones, Carlos Gross; Schultz, Daniel; Gambardella, Tom; Dillon, John
      The JPL Smart Breakout Box 2.0 (JSB2) team was tasked by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab to design and construct a universal automated breakout box to be used for testing any electrical system at JPL.
    • NASA-JPL Google Glass 

      Amankwah, Daniel; Brandler, Sam; Chokshi, Shawn; Oliver, Rasheed; Stratton, Michael; Williams, Michael; Zappala, Peter
      The NASA-JPL Google Glass team seeks to further enhance the working conditions of assemblers at the NASA-JPL assembly warehouses. When an assembler is working, it is necessary to retrieve information about an assembly item. ...
    • NAT Traversal Techniques and UDP Keep-Alive Interval Optimization 

      Widmer, Christopher Daniel (2015-07)
      NAT traversal presents a challenge to Peer to Peer (P2P) applications, as in many instances a third party is needed to help initiate communication between two hosts when one is behind one or more NAT devices. Much work has ...
    • Natural gas to oxygenated gasoline 

      Boger, Craig; Collins, Reid; Romines, Corey; Worrell, Julia
      Methane is taken from a variety of sources including landfill, drilling flare, or standard pipeline and converted to gasoline and ethanol. This is accomplished by utilizing rapid prototype inorganic nanowire catalysts in ...
    • Near real-time operation of public image database for ground vehicle navigation 

      Ali, Ehsan A.; Kozaitis, Samuel P. (2015-02-10)
      An effective color night vision system for ground vehicle navigation should operate in near real-time to be practical. We described a system that uses a public database as a source of color information to colorize night ...
    • Near-real-time applications of a mesoscale analysis system to complex terrain 

      Lazarus, Steven M.; Ciliberti, Carol M.; Horel, John D.; Brewster, Keith A. (2002-03-22)
      Several mesoscale data analysis systems are reviewed, of which one is then adapted and applied to the complex terrain of northwest Utah and the western United States. The analysis system relies on the simple, but computationally ...
    • Network traffic anomaly detection based on packet bytes 

      Mahoney, Matthew V. (2002-09-06)
      Hostile network traffic is often "different" from benign traffic in ways that can be distinguished without knowing the nature of the attack. We describe a two-stage anomaly detection system for identifying suspicious ...
    • Neural control of smart electromagnetic structures 

      Thursby, Michael H.; Yoo, Kisuck; Grossman, Barry G. (1991-12-01)
      Artificial neural networks (ANNs) and their ability to model and control dynamical systems for smart structures, including sensors, actuators, and plants, are directly applicable to the smart electromagnetic structures ...
    • Neural network approach to the determination of the geophysical model function of the ERS-1 C-band spaceborne radar scatterometer 

      Alhumaidi, Sami M.; Jones, W. Linwood (1997-04-04)
      Geophysical Model Functions (GMF) describing the relationship between the scatterometer normalized radar cross section (sigma-0) and useful geophysical parameters such as sea-surface wind vectors, wave heights, and sea- ...
    • Neural network architecture for solving the algebraic matrix Riccati equation 

      Ham, Fredric; Collins, Emmanuel G. (1996-03-22)
      This paper presents a neurocomputing approach for solving the algebraic matrix Riccati equation. This approach is able to utilize a good initial condition to reduce the computation time in comparison to standard methods ...
    • Neuro-glial and systemic mechanisms of pathological responses in rat models of primary blast overpressure compared to "composite" blast 

      Svetlov, S.I.; Prima, V.; Glushakova, O.; Svetlov, A.; Kirk, D.R.; Gutierrez, H.; Serebruany, V.L.; Curley, K.C.; Wang, K.K.W.; Hayes, R.L. (2012)
      A number of experimental models of blast brain injury have been implemented in rodents and larger animals. However, the variety of blast sources and the complexity of blast wave biophysics have made data on injury mechanisms ...
    • A Neurocomputing Approach for Monitoring Plinian Volcanic Eruptions Using Infrasound 

      Ham, Fredric; Iyengar, Ishwarya; Hambebo, Bereket Mathewos; Garcés, Milton A.; Deaton, John E.; Bellesiles, Anna; Williams, Brian (2012-10-03)
      Plinian volcanic eruptions can inject a substantial amount of volcanic ash and gas into the stratosphere, which can present a severe hazard to commercial air traffic. A hazardous volcanic ash eruption was reported on April ...
    • Neutral pion production with respect to centrality and reaction plane in Au+Au collisions at √sNN=200 GeV 

      Adare, Andrew Marshall; Afanasiev, Sergei V.; Aidala, C.; Ajitanand, N. N.; Akiba, Yasuyuki; Al-Bataineh, H.; Alexander, Jim P.; Baksay, Gyöngyi; Baksay, Laszlo; Hohlmann, Marcus (2013-03-28)
      The PHENIX experiment has measured the production of π0s in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV. The new data offer a fourfold increase in recorded luminosity, providing higher precision and a larger reach in transverse ...
    • A new approach to scalable Linda-systems based on swarms (EXTENDED VERSION) 

      Menezes, Ronaldo; Tolksdorf, Robert (2003-03-07)
      Natural forming multi-agent systems (aka Swarms) have the ability to grow to enormous sizes without requiring any of the agents to oversee the entire system. The success of these systems comes from the fact that agents are ...
    • New Bounds for the k-out-of-n Type Probabilities and Their Applications 

      Binmahfoudh, Ahmed Mohammed (2017-04)
      The contribution of the shape information of the underlying distribution in probability bounding problem is investigated and an efficient linear programming based bounding methodology, which takes advantage of the advanced ...

      PERLMAN, ERIC S.; Rappaport, Saul A.; Christiansen, Wayne A.; Ng, Yeejack; Devore, John G.; Pooley, David A. (2015-05-20)
      One aspect of the quantum nature of spacetime is its “foaminess” at very small scales. Many models for spacetime foam are defined by the accumulation power α, which parameterizes the rate at which Planck-scale ...
    • A new heavy ion abundance enrichment pattern in ³He-rich solar particle events 

      Mason, Glenn M.; Mazur, Joseph E.; Dwyer, Joseph R. (2002-01-20)
      We report the first examples of ³He-rich solar energetic particle (SEP) events with heavy ion enrichments that are not ordered generally by mass. A second new feature is the large enrichment of ¹⁴N, the first time large ...
    • New insights into the study of magnetic field in the clumpy torus of AGN using near-infrared polarimetry 

      López Rodríguez, Enrique; Packham, Christopher C.; Young, Stuart; Elitzur, Moshe; Levenson, Nancy A.; Mason, Rachel E.; Ramos Almeida, Christina; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Jones, Terry Jay; Perlman, Eric S. (2013-10-24)
      We present J, H and K., imaging polarimetry of IC5063. N1R polarimetry observations may advance our understanding of the mechanisms of polarisation and hence magnetic field strength in the torus of AGN. In these proceedings ...
    • New integral inequalities for iterated integrals with applications 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; Ryoo, Cheonseoung; Kim, Youngho (2008-02-06)
      Some new nonlinear retarded integral inequalities of Gronwall type are established. These inequalities can be used as basic tools in the study of certain classes of integrodifferential equations.