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    • Babcock Street Pedestrian Underpass 

      Miller, Nicholas; Jansen, Jacob; Knowles, Roccou; Cano, Enrique; Akins, Ashley; Alshamari, Fahad
      The pedestrian underpass was developed in order to fulfill the needs of our client, The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The client goal was to improve pedestrian safety and access crossing Babcock Street (SR-507). ...
    • Background and study concerning water wave effects on airborne imagery 

      Bostater, Charles R. (2008-10-20)
      This paper describes ongoing research and initial results regarding collection of airborne imagery for detection of submerged features in optically shallow water types. The approach is to utilize land surface, water surface ...
    • The baryonic tully-fisher relationship for S4G galaxies and the "condensed" baryon fraction of galaxies 

      Mizusawa, Trisha F.; Zaritsky, Dennis; Courtois, Hélène M.; Muñoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos; Sorce, Jenny G.; Erroz-Ferrer, Santiago; Comerón, Sébastien; Gadotti, Dimitri Alexei; Gil De Paz, Armando; Hinz, Joannah L. (2014-05-02)
      We combine data from the Spitzer Survey for Stellar Structure in Galaxies, a recently calibrated empirical stellar mass estimator from Eskew et al., and an extensive database of H I spectral line profiles to examine the ...
    • Basic properties of Sobolev's spaces on time scales 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; Otero-Espinar, Victoria; Perera, Kanishka; Vivero, Dolores R. (2006-05-28)
      We study the theory of Sobolev's spaces of functions defined on a closed subinterval of an arbitrary time scale endowed with the Lebesgue Δ-measure; analogous properties to that valid for Sobolev's spaces of functions ...
    • Behavioral Economic Analyses of Reinforcement in the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior 

      Chastain, James Allen (2016-07)
      Evidence-based advances in the field of Behavior Analysis have begun to demonstrate ways in which behavioral-economic methods may provide a coherent understanding of responding and consumption of reinforcers. This ...
    • Benthic Foraminiferal Distributions in a Shallow Subtropical Estuary and the Influence of Environmental Factors 

      Zamora Duran, Maria Angelica (2016-12)
      Benthic foraminiferal communities are potentially useful tools for assessing and monitoring estuarine ecosystems and as bioindicators of water quality and pollution. To evaluate this indicator for the Indian River Lagoon ...
    • Bias correction of 10m wind forecasts near a coastal estuary in East Central Florida 

      Holman, Bryan P.; Lazarus, Steven M.; Splitt, Michael E.; Colvin, Jeffrey A.; Weaver, Robert J.; Taeb, Peyman; Saberi, Atousa (2015-01-11)
      The lagoon is long (250 km), skinny (2 - 8 km wide), and shallow (1 - 3 m in depth). Fetch is limited in most wind directions, save from the NNW (340°) and the SSE (160°). Flow in the lagoon is primarily wind-driven, ...
    • Big Data Medical Diagnostics System/ 

      Beavers, Tabitha; Binns, Andrew; Wells, Michael
      Misplaced ECG leads are estimated to be the cause of as much as 4% of misleading results1 given to patients, occasionally causing fatalities^2. This project seeks to replace current leads with a pad of ECG electrodes, ...
    • Bio Exo Skulder – The Shoulder Brace 

      McClure, Ian; Kim, Jacob; Mogharbel, Reham; Brito, Carlos
      The shoulder joint is: •A ball-and-socket joint (3 degree of freedom) •Stabilized by the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons •Highly susceptible to injury •Difficult to repair due to its complexity
    • Biofabrication: 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering 

      Bailey, Ryan; Baskerville, Scott; Gilchrist, Victoria; Weng Kwan, Michael; McClure, Ian
      Biofabrication is the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for biological applications. The ultimate goal of biofabrication is to print viable organs for transplantation using patients’ own cells. In order for ...
    • Biological, Cognitive and Psychosocial Variables Associated with Female Students' Pursuit of STEM or non-STEM Major in College 

      Shuman, Anna Brenner (2017-01)
      In the United States a disproportionately small number of women entering the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This results in women missing out on job opportunities with better earning ...
    • Biomagnification of Mercury in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida 

      Beckett, Kate
      Concentrations of total mercury (THg) were determined for seven lower trophic level biota: plankton (>153 μm), anchovies (Anchoa hepsetus), crown conchs (Melongena corona), tulip snails (Fasciolaria tulipa), mullet (Mugil ...
    • BIOROW Real-Time Rowing Monitor 

      Gomez-Feria Ferreiro, Jose; Woodle, Chris
      The rower needs technical feedback that can provide information about the rowers motion. Improving rowing technique can help reduce the injuries acquired in the sport. The BIOROW model is a technique feedback system that ...
    • Black box software testing instructor's manual: foundations in software testing, bug advocacy, and test design courses 

      Fiedler, Rebecca L.; Kaner, Cem; Hoffman, Douglas (2012-09-24)
      We prepared this manual for instructors interested in using BBST materials in their own classes. It explains how to acquire your own copies of course materials; acquaints you with other resources for teaching software ...
    • Blood vessel segmentation in magnetic resonance angiography imagery 

      Kozaitis, Samuel P.; Chandramohan, Raghu (2011-06-03)
      Small blood vessels may be difficult to detect in magnetic resonance angiography due to the lack of blood flow caused by disease or injury. Our method, which uses a block-matching denoising approach to segment blood vessels, ...
    • Body size shifts in Philippine reef fishes: Interfamilial variation in responses to protection 

      Fidler, Robert Y.; Maypa, Aileen P.; Apistar, Dean; White, Alan T.; Turingan, Ralph G. (2014-03-31)
      As a consequence of intense fishing pressure, fished populations experience reduced population sizes and shifts in body size toward the predominance of smaller and early maturing individuals. Small, early-maturing fish ...
    • Boundary detection in tokenizing network application payload for anomaly detection 

      Vargiya, Rachna; Chan, Philip K. (2003-06-11)
      Most of the current anomaly detection methods for network traffic rely on the packet header for studying network traffic behavior. We believe that significant information lies in the payload of the packet and hence it is ...
    • Boundary value problems on the half line in the theory of colloids 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O’Regan, Donal (2002-04)
      We present existence results for some boundary value problems defined on infinite intervals. In particular our discussion includes a problem which arises in the theory of colloids.
    • BPM 24754: A new southern ZZ Ceti star 

      Giovannini, Odilon; Kepler, Souza Oliveira; Kanaan, Antonio; Costa, Andrea F Murillo; Koester, Detlev (1998-01)
      We report the discovery of a new long-period ZZ Ceti star through the analysis of photometric time series gathere on 7 nights between 1995 and 1996. The light curve displays a periodic variation with a period of ∼ 18 min ...
    • Breaks in thin and thick disks of edge-on galaxies imaged in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G) 

      Mizusawa, Trisha; Comeron, Sebastien; Elmegreen, Bruce G.; Salo, Heikki; Athanassoula, E.; Bosma, Albert; Knapen, Johan H.; Gadotti, Demitri A.; Sheth, Kartik; Laurikainen, Eija (2012-11-10)
      Breaks in the radial luminosity profiles of galaxies have until now been mostly studied averaged over disks. Here, we study separately breaks in thin and thick disks in 70 edge-on galaxies using imaging from the Spitzer ...